Dates of the flower garden in Dubai

المسافرون العرب

The dates of the flower garden in Dubai and the most important information about it, Dubai has become a tourist destination to be reckoned with recently, and the flower garden in Dubai is one of the most important places that visitors to Dubai visit when they travel to the United Arab Emirates, and the site of Arab travelers today through this topic provides you with everything that You need to know information about the flower garden in Dubai, such as its location, its contents, its reception times for visitors and all related information.

Dubai flower garden

The beginnings of the flower garden in Dubai and its contents

The flower garden opened in Dubai on the fourteenth of February 2013, and its opening coincided with Valentine’s Day, and the flower garden came as a result of a partnership between Dubai Properties Group and Dubailand, and the project cost $ 11 million, equivalent to forty million dirhams, and the flower garden is held in Dubai covers an area of ​​21 thousand square feet, and includes many of the facilities that a visitor may need when visiting the flower garden in Dubai, such as parking lots of different types, whether private parking for the public or private parking for VIPs, and also the park has commercial areas to purchase the necessary needs during the visit, Also, the garden is provided First aid devoted to prayer and ablution places, and is a flower garden in Dubai dedicated to people with special needs places.

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Dates of the flower garden in Dubai

The flower garden opens its doors to a public visit from October to April, and in the rest of the year it does not work due to the high temperatures in the United Arab Emirates. The park is available daily for visiting, but at varying times. It operates from nine in the morning until nine in the evening on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, the park can be visited from nine in the morning until eleven in the evening.

Entrance fee for the flower garden

You can enjoy all that is contained in the flower garden in Dubai and spend a whole day in the park through an entry ticket whose price varies according to the age of the visitor, while children under three years of age enter for free, the price of a ticket for children from three years to twelve years is thirty dirhams, As for the ticket price for adults, it is forty dirhams.

Miracle Garden

Dubai’s flower garden has been dubbed the “miracle garden” due to its characteristics which are truly a miracle, as it is a flower garden in the middle of the barren desert of Dubai, but it contains more than one hundred and fifty flowers with one hundred and twenty different types of flowers. This made her deserve to be awarded the Moselle Prize in 2015, and also the Dubai Flower Park entered the Arab travelers Genius for the world’s largest flower pyramid.

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