Dear tourist, get great ideas on your trip to Alaska

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Dear tourist get great ideas on your trip to Alaska - Dear tourist, get great ideas on your trip to Alaska

1- Access to water
The state is filled with white water, and Denali National Park is one of the easiest places to reach. The Ninana River flowing from the north that runs along the glacier is parallel to the main park road across the entrance to the National Park, and operators usually make two trips: the picturesque Ranleigh Ran Ranch, the Rapid Canyon Run, which has many third and fourth degree slopes. . You can raft the canyon with Denali Rift Adventures ($ 89, two hours) – you’ll find dry clothes available.

Fishing is another activity in the water. There are salmon in the rivers, trout in the lakes, halibut and cod in the sea. You can also enjoy a cruise to see the dull / glacier from Seward. Kenai Fords local owned Alaskan cruises offer a variety of routes, from four to nine hours. You will likely see otters, bald eagles, sea lions, whales, and possibly even a bear, along with the glaciers and coastal peaks of the Bay of Resort.
1581195829 212 Dear tourist get great ideas on your trip to Alaska - Dear tourist, get great ideas on your trip to Alaska
2- Walk with evidence
Alaska is a land of Bekaa, where people have settled and found a plot of land that looks good. You can get a sense of the breadth of the earth by going on a rural trip. Denali is a good place for that – the National Park covers over 2 million hectares and has relatively few identified tracks. There are countless opportunities for shorter walks in the southern and inner central part of Alaska as well.

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No matter how long you spend, it is a good idea to go with a mentor. With a company like Alaska Natural Guides, a local person leads you, someone who knows how to make his way in the bush. Their visions about the earth, its history, flora and fauna will add to your picnic fun that you will not get otherwise. ANG is one of the few companies to be awarded Gold level certification in Adventure Green Alaska, and recognized as a leader in the field of environmentally and culturally sustainable practices. They run guided hiking tours in Denali State Park, as well as around the Talkita Lakes Park, just outside the city.
1581195829 702 Dear tourist get great ideas on your trip to Alaska - Dear tourist, get great ideas on your trip to Alaska
3- Flying to the mountains and climbing if you can
The Alaskan range defines state terrain, the backbone that bends from the southeastern border with Canada, just south of Fairbanks, and returns to the sea at the mouth of the Cook Inlet. However, the section most people know and visit is the area around Denali, the highest peak in North America at 6,193.5 meters, and its neighbors, Forker (5,303.5 meters) and Hunter (4,256.5 meters).

The view is nice catching; one of the best places to do this is from the back deck area of ​​Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge. But you get a totally different look once you are already in the mountains, as you stand on a glacier, looking up a white high. To do this, you need a plane. A group of companies operate “flights” from Talkeetna and K2 Aviation. It is also possible to travel from the Denali area. And participate in the ice fall to full effect.
1581195829 795 Dear tourist get great ideas on your trip to Alaska - Dear tourist, get great ideas on your trip to Alaska
4- Staying in the boat / plane inn
Fox Island is a stop on the Kenai Fjords River cruise, but you can stay at Kenai Fjords Wilderness Inn. The property includes eight cabins (each can accommodate a family of four) lined between the rocky shore and the tide lake back. A night cruise stay is available at the beginning of the day of departure. Kayaking and fishing trips are available at an additional cost for the participants, which is reduced if they stay more than 1 night.

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Tutka Bay Lodge is located across from the Kenai Peninsula, and has an atmosphere further afield, and can be reached by water taxi from Homer Spet or seaplane. Tutka is one of the fjords that cut across the southern side of the largest Kashmak Bay, and the entire region is characterized by snowy peaks and the white-covered Sitka hills in the ocean. The hostel is located again on a beach opposite a small head – you can’t see it until it’s almost above it. But once you’re there, it’s very spacious, with a huge central deck (with a hot tub and sauna), paths connecting the main inn building and six luxurious cabins of different sizes. Maybe the Eagle Nest Chalet has the best view.

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