The year 2020 brings with it a new batch of hopes and aspirations, as well as opportunities to visit new and unfamiliar destinations to travel to with us, such as Cuba and Mongolia. It is the ideal time to lay out plans for your travel during the year with many possibilities and surprises, and the new year 2020 is an important stop for travelers and global tourism makers in general, as the United Nations declared it an “International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development”, which gives a greater sense of responsibility. During travel, therefore we recommend that you make the following decisions during travel in 2020:

1- Residence in family homes, small lodges and environmentally friendly hotels

Staying in a five-star hotel from time to time is a great experience for every traveler, but that does not prevent, at least this year, at least from trying other options such as inns and environmentally friendly hotels, or in the hospitality of one of the families hosting travelers in their homes. This will enhance your understanding of the culture and traditions of each country that you visit most, and will contribute more to supporting the local economy more effectively.

2- Try local food

Another great way to learn about each country’s culture and support its local economy is to eat in popular restaurants instead of one of the chain of international fast-food restaurants, or fancy restaurants that foreigners usually own.

3- Knowing your destination in depth before traveling

If you aspire to a successful and integrated travel experience then see travel sites and books and read as much as possible about your destination before traveling to it, it will give you a more comprehensive look at the culture of these countries and their customs and traditions, and of course you will be better aware of the most beautiful places, landmarks and tourism activities that only the people of the country may know Or who delves into the search.

4- Avoid the usual tourist destinations

This year he tried to visit unfamiliar places that do not attract much attention, such as Mongolia, Cuba, Iran, Georgia, Armenia, Central Asian countries, and other countries whose tourism sector is still developing. One of the biggest advantages of such areas is that they are not very crowded even during high seasons.

5- Focusing on rich experiences

Instead of loud celebrations in Ibiza or one of the Greek islands, you can choose exciting new travel experiences you have never experienced, such as wildlife safari tours in Africa, an expedition to the South Pole, or an adventure across the Himalayas in Nepal, and what about watching the lights Aurora Borealis in Scandinavia? Or camping in the Emirati desert? Or take a tour of the horses in the plains of Mongolia? There are a lot of surprising things you can do while traveling other than the usual tourist activities.

6- Upgrading your skill in photography

Contemporary trend tends to share travel and tourism travel photos via social media, so you can learn a lot of new photography tricks, develop your writing and blogging style, or sharpen your video shooting skills using the latest issued imaging tools and equipment.

7- Learn more about the threatened nature of the planet

The unjust consumption of natural resources has disturbed the natural system of the planet, such as the removal of vast areas of forests, for example, and the high level of water as a result of global warming threatens to plunge entire countries like the Maldives to become forgotten! This year, you can make additional efforts by doing activities such as tours in the Amazon rainforest, marshes, or deserts that expand day by day, or islands threatened with drowning, in order to learn more about the nature’s dangers and how to protect them.

8- Spend wisely during your travels

You can buy souvenirs and crafts from local markets directly instead of buying them from luxury shopping malls and showrooms in hotels, and also eating in restaurants run by local institutions instead of luxury restaurants, or choosing activities that are managed and operated by the people of the region instead of Big business. Such a move would help communities that rely on tourism revenue to gain their daily strength, as in Nepal and Mongolia.

9- Stop supporting tourist activities that exploit animals

We advise you to refuse tourism programs and activities based on animal shows such as dolphins or elephant rides, as the marketing of such tourism activities led to painful scenes during 2016, such as the illegal breeding of tigers within the famous tiger reserve in Thailand. Therefore, it is best for you to distance yourself from these activities that cause unprecedented harm to life in the wild and in nature, and to ask your friends and acquaintances the same.

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