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Definition of tourism

Tourism is a language defined as hitting on the ground, i.e. moving and walking from one location to another, whether in a specific country or a specific region or around the world, in order to reach certain needs, and away from the place of permanent residence or the business environment or wars, either as a term that did not appear any An agreed definition of tourism, and while some of the idiomatic definitions received from international tourism bodies and organizations come, the World Tourism Organization has defined tourists as all people who are in a place for a period of 24 hours, with the aim of obtaining entertainment that includes holidays, sports and recreation, as study is defined etc. Tourism in the US national tourism is all the activities or behaviors that people apply while they are going for trips outside their homes and community, and for any specific goal except for daily trips to work. Tourism (Tourism: English) is a group of businesses and jobs that serve tourists and contribute to providing accommodations. And means of transportation, and entertainment sites for all tourists, and tourism is also a means of marketing that defines the characteristics of a group of travel destinations.

The pillars of tourism

Tourism has a group of Arkan, namely:

  • Transport: It is to clarify the nature of the means of transportation with the tourism sector, so tourism cannot achieve development and success without relying on the development of transportation and means of transportation. Transportation includes the following categories:
    • Ground transportation: bicycles, cars, trains, and buses.
    • Maritime transport means: boats, ships and boats.
    • Air transportation means all types of aircraft.
  • Accommodation: It is all the places that a tourist uses to stay temporarily when he arrives at the place or country he traveled to, and it includes forms of accommodation, camps, hotels, and tourist apartments.
  • Programs: It is the dependence of the tourist trip on the application of a specific program for the tourist. Examples of tourism program activities include visiting the sporting, religious, natural, therapeutic, recreational, archaeological, and historical areas, as well as visiting the parks, markets, and commercial shops.

Types of tourism

Tourism is divided into a group of types, and each type is distinguished by its own characteristics. The following provides information about the types of tourism:

Types of tourism, according to the target

Tourism types based on the purpose of it, and include the following:

  • Religious tourism: It is the visit of tourists to religious places and regions, in order to learn about their history, spiritual values ​​and beliefs.
  • Sports tourism: It is to travel to another country during a specified period of time in order to practice and implement several sports activities or watch sports games and matches, such as world football tournaments.
  • Conference Tourism: It is one of the types of tourism that is characterized by modernity, because of its appearance at the end of the twentieth century AD, and its existence depended on the rapid civilizational developments that affected the world, whether socially, culturally, economically or politically, and conference tourism is defined as the influential development in the tourism sector, through the organization and preparation International conferences, which are characterized by its huge size and abundant profits.
  • Cultural tourism: It is a view of tourists to the appearances and features of previous societies in the past, as cultural tourism is defined as the attraction associated with tourist sites, which enhances the attractiveness of tourists to it, and includes architecture, language, music, and traditions.
  • Medical Tourism: It is one of the types of tourism developed, and it spreads within countries that possess therapeutic natural resources, such as water wells and eyes that help cure many diseases.
  • Recreational tourism: Is to move from the place of residence during a period of time; with the aim of entertainment and enjoyment and the application of many hobbies, such as fishing.

Types of tourism by geographical location

Tourism based on geographical location, and it includes the following:

  • Domestic tourism: It transports individuals within the borders of their countries, where the individual moves from his home to another location within the country in which he lives, and it must remain one night at the site he went to, and travel must not be for work, but for recreation and entertainment.
  • Regional Tourism: It is the travel of individuals from their country to its neighboring countries, such as travel of individuals between the Arab countries in the Arab Gulf region, and this tourism is often low costs because of the ability to use more than one means of transportation, and the distance traveled is considered relatively short between countries.
  • International tourism: It is also known as foreign tourism, and it is the travel of foreign individuals to a specific country, and it is one of the important types of tourism that many countries support in order to increase the stock of its difficult currencies. This tourism also depends on providing a set of distinguished and high-quality tourism services and means.

Types of tourism according to the period of stay

Tourism based on the period of stay, and it includes the following:

  • Seasonal tourism: It is the travel of individuals in specific seasons towards specific places, such as the direction of tourists towards coastal beaches during the summer or the travel of pilgrims to Mecca for the Hajj.
  • Inbound tourism: It includes two types:
    • Wild tourism: It is a transit tourism in which people travel by road, and buses designated for tourism.
    • Air tourism: It is transit tourism that relies on plane travel, and is without any prior planning, because it depends on sudden stops or crashes in the plane, which compels tourism companies to provide alternative tourist trips for travelers, until the holidays are fixed.

Types of tourism according to the number of tourists and their organization

Tourism based on number, and includes the following:

  • Individual tourism: It is tourism that does not depend on any prior organization. One or several individuals travel to visit a country, depending on the leisure time of tourists.
  • Group tourism: It is tourism in which a group of tourists agree to travel collectively, and based on a program that organizes their trip and the places they will visit, this tourism is classified into two types:
    • Unorganized tourism: is a group of tourists organizing their trip individually without any previous planning.
    • Organized tourism: is the application of a group of tourists a tourist program planned by relying on a company specialized in tourism.

Tourism video

To learn about tourism, watch the video.

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