Tourist attractions in Denmark 2020, Denmark belongs to the Scandinavian countries, and it is one of the most charming and beautiful countries of Europe at all, as it contains many tourist attractions, which is the secret of tourism activity and its economy, so what are the most beautiful Danish cities? What are the best places to buy world-class widgets and clothes in Denmark? And where can you buy used high-value used items?

Denmark 2020 tourist attractions

Denmark is located in the southwest of the State of Sweden, it is bordered to the north by Norway, it is also near Germany, and for the seas that it passes there is the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Denmark consists of a huge peninsula in addition to some islands such as Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

The most beautiful Danish cities

Denmark is one of the most beautiful countries that is recommended to visit in the summer, in the period between May to September. It also contains many hotels with prices that are suitable for all, and public transportation is not expensive, and we will talk about the most beautiful cities at all, and the magic of each city. Including.

New York City

It is one of the major cities of Greenland, and one of the most important in terms of economic status, and historical. The city is very impressive, so it is intended by tourists from everywhere to enjoy the beauty of nature, and the place is calm as it contains many archaeological and art museums.

Odense city

It is ranked number three in terms of size and population, and contains many monuments, including the Cathedral of Saint Kate, which is of huge, authentic architecture.


The second largest city in the country after the capital, which is located to the east of New York, and is filled with many tourist attractions, including the famous landmarks of the Musgard Museum, University Park in addition to the Viking Aarhus Museum which contains many rare artifacts.

The main attractions in Aarhus

The VR House Museum

The VR House Museum is rated as one of the most popular tourist destinations for tourists in Europe as a whole, and it will only take you three hours by train from the capital to reach Aarhus.

Anholt Island

Among the most famous tourist attractions in Denmark, which are characterized by a dazzling nature, and environmental diversity, there are some places that are covered by the desert, others that contain vast green areas, and many art festivals are done in the summer season, and yoga lessons can be received in the charming nature in addition to To play football. You only need four hours to get to it from the capital. You can also rent a house or camp site, and get off there during your stay in this wonderful city.


The capital of Denmark, and its most crowded city in relation to the population, which is one of the most important tourist areas that are full of tourist attractions such as gardens, beaches, museums or various services that any tourist desires to obtain.

Copenhagen’s most important sights

Museum of Modern Art

It is one of the most famous museums in Denmark, and was built in 1958, and contains many exhibitions that are temporarily held, attracting tourists, and locals of different ages, religions, and intellectual trends.
The museum is unique in its classical nature, and whether you are a specialist in the study of art or just an amateur, you will feel the depth embodied in all the paintings in the museum of breathtaking beauty, and there is 35 km north of the city, and to reach it you can take the regional train from the main station in Copenhagen

Kronbog Castle

It is one of the invincible forts of the city, and was mentioned by the famous playwright, William Shakespeare, in the play Hamlet, which is one of the castles that witnessed the Renaissance in Denmark, and was added to the General Assembly of UNESCO in the year 2002 AD.
You will notice how beautiful the castle is, and the ancient historical architecture that composes it. The castle has defied successive times, and is still standing today, and often it will not take more than an hour until you reach it from Copenhagen’s main train station.

The city of Roskilda

  • It is located at a distance of 30 km from the western part of the capital, and it is one of the greatest cities that attract tourists from all places where it reaches a height of more than 30 meters above sea level. The city is very large, covering more than 200 square kilometers.
  • The Roskilda Festival takes place and many different activities in the city. It also includes the Roskilda Cathedral, which is one of the most famous tourist areas in the city, and affiliated with UNESCO.
  • You will need half an hour to reach it from Copenhagen Main Station.


  • One of the most beautiful scenic natural areas that attract tourists from Europe, and various regions of the world, which are located near the city of Skijn, and tourists flock to it in the summer to escape from extreme heat, the place is characterized by mild climate throughout the year as it is characterized by beautiful calm with fresh air, and the waters surround you from All sides.
  • The city contains many impressive flats as well as museums that celebrate the works of the greatest Danish artists of the nineteenth century.
  • Don’t miss sitting on the vast sea, spending some time in the warm sunshine over the dazzling white sand. You will really feel that you are in paradise, and the pure water surrounds you from every side, and you will not need more than three hours to reach the city by train, so do not hesitate to visit it because it is one of the most important tourist attractions in the town.

Kronburg Castle

All tourists, without exception, want to visit Kronborg Castle during their stay in Denmark, as it is one of the ancient castles, which dates back to the year 1574 AD, on the boundary between the State of Denmark and the State of Sweden.

Shopping in Denmark

There is no doubt that Denmark is one of the greatest wonderful cities in the world of fashion, and the manufacture of clothing because it contains many shops and markets that offer unique clothes, and you have to go through them to find everything you dream about:

  • You can visit Copmagergade Street, which is one of the longest streets in Aruba, and contains many international stores such as Louis Vuitton, Boss, and Prada.
  • You can visit the used tools market, which is held at the weekend in Copenhagen, where you will find everything you dream about buying from books, household items, clothes, even phones and computers.
  • In Denmark you will find many huge shopping centers, the most famous of which is the Viktorvet Center, which contains a lot of international stores in addition to shops specialized in displaying local products, and many restaurants that prepare unique Danish food, and cafes for coffee with friends. Inevitably, your visit to the Viktorvet Center will be a great addition to your outfits and private holdings.

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