Directory of the names of the most beautiful tourist cities of Denmark, as they enjoy a clean, lively atmosphere, and the people in them are very loving to tourists, and they welcome them, and you will find adaptation to the character of the people very easy, so what are the most important tourist cities in Denmark and how much will it cost to travel to Denmark in terms of internal transportation, housing, food, etc. One of the things we explain to you on Arab travelers, so be prepared for this special experience.

Denmark’s most beautiful tourist cities for entertainment:

The most beautiful places of tourism in Copenhagen, Denmark:

Copenhagen is considered for the sake of the tourist cities in the town, as it is the major capital that has all the vital centers, which makes it a tourist attraction for visitors from all over the world. , And the splendor of your visit to it.

Rosenborg Castle

One of the most famous castles around the world, and it was in the foot a small country house that was established in 1666 AD on the Dutch styles, which makes it one of the most famous landmarks of the country, and it is intended for about a million and half tourists each year, and it is located in the middle of the kongens have park, which is one of the oldest existing gardens In Copenhagen.

The Danish National Museum:

It is one of the largest museums in the country at all, and it is also known as the Danish National Museum, and it displays the history of Denmark through the ages, and the various cultures that the country has experienced from the Scandinavian era to the modern era.

Baken Games City:

There are in the Direhaven Forest, and it is intended by many tourists, both adults and children, to enjoy this unforgettable experience as the Baken Games City contains many exciting games, unique and different from any other place, surrounded by all sides parks, natural surfaces Which makes it so beautiful. The games in the city are suitable for all ages, different tastes and many attractive circus shows are also made, which will undoubtedly amaze your young children, and make their adventure unforgettable especially with the famous Clown Gallery Prout, which is one of the most famous clowns who evaluate their shows in the city.

Ribe City:

It is one of the most ancient cities in the country, as it dates back to the first eighth century, which makes it full of many museums, ancient monuments, and the most famous of them is the Ribe Cathedral.
Ribe City is famous for the beauty of its streets, and the beauty of the views of Gotland Port, as well as many festivals that attract many tourists from all over the country.


  • It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Denmark for lovers of tranquility, which dates back to the twelfth century, which is twelve kilometers from Copenhagen.
  • One of the most important museums in the Dragon Museum, which embodies the ancient history of the city.


It is located in the north of the country, and it is very beautiful as it contains many impressive sandy beaches, which extend along the coast of the city, which makes it a great attraction for tourists. In the city there are many restaurants that offer delicious, freshly prepared seafood, with a great taste.

The most famous places to shop in Denmark:

  • In Denmark, there is a culture of shopping in the centers that specialize in selling different things, especially in Copenhagen where you can buy food, different needs, and you will never get bored because of the beauty of the offer of resorts, and the renewal of their way of showing every day. Among the shops as well as international cafes, and restaurants that prepare delicious Danish food.
  • The Frederiksberg Center is one of the largest clothing malls, known for its exhibits with its own distinctive outfits, which are not found anywhere else.
  • There is a market in Copenhagen for the sale of tools, and used items are done on weekends, and the most important of these markets is Friedrichsburg Ogmstaghand for the sale of used goods, which is an attraction for the locals, and foreigners alike, and the trade movement is reviving in the period between May and a month October every year.
  • If you are looking for international fashion, and it has a special luster of its kind, then you should go to Stugget Street and Copmagherge Street, where they are considered one of the longest streets in the city, and among the most exposed to international stores, and well-known brands such as Cloison Vuitton, Cerruti, and others.

The cost of tourism in Denmark:

Most tourists spend their money in Copenhagen when, they arrive in Denmark, and often you will need 200 Danish crowns for an overnight stay. Hotels in Denmark are expensive, and you may need to pay more than 450 Danish crowns for overnight in a good hotel. As for overnight in a full house or apartment, it is often You will need 900 kroner. Of course, the price will be much cheaper outside the big cities, and if your budget is 55 to 95 crowns a night, it is better for you to stay in a hostel or scary, and often the scary European accommodation costs 110 crowns for the card. If you plan to stay for one day, then the price of the card is 35 crowns.

Average food cost:

The food in Denmark is very expensive. If you intend to eat in a restaurant, you will pay between 70 and 115 crowns for a small meal. If you plan to have dinner outside, it may cost you up to 206 crowns, and it is increasing all the time.

Average transportation cost in Denmark:

  • Usually, to travel all over Denmark, you will need 550 kroner buses, starting from 300 Danish kroner, and the sooner you book your tickets, the sooner your ticket will increase.
  • Try to book your ticket some time before you travel to get tickets at the cheapest prices.

The cost of the various activities in Denmark:

Often museums will cost 70 kroner, there are many different activities that take place in the museum throughout the day, and most of the day trips will cost you no more than 350 kr. It is suggested that you keep 350 to 500 crowns per day, which is the equivalent of 60 USD in the event that you use public transportation, get off at non-expensive hotels, and do not eat expensive food so that you can enjoy your time as much as possible.

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