Bosnian Airlines is a charter airline that has been headquartered in the Bulgarian capital Sofia since 2001, while its first flights began in February 2002.

The company has an air fleet of 5 Airbus aircraft in service of A319, A320, А330, CFM / IAE, in addition to two aircraft on demand to transport VIPs from Gulfstream G200 and Gulfstream G550.

While its flights depart from the airports of Burgas and Varna to several destinations in the United Kingdom and Scandinavian and European countries, as it was an eyewitness and official air carrier during many sporting and cultural events and economic exhibitions in the countries of the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

The article deals with the services and benefits offered by Bosnian Airlines to its travelers, as well as the most common questions about its dealings with its customers.

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Bosnian Airlines features

The Bosnian Airlines offers passengers on its flights advantages that help them gain their confidence, comfort and satisfaction with the level of the flight, such as:

Comfortable seats with spacious spacers and legroom.

Delicious snacks with varied drinks and main dishes on request, with special diet menus for patients and special dieters.

Online marketplace for the purchase of duty-free, discounted and duty-free goods.

Special care for unaccompanied and disabled children, with secure emergency exits.

• Easy to book and manage from the official website of the company.

Onboard services

Bosnian Airlines provides a number of services on its aircraft in an attempt to gain the comfort and satisfaction of its passengers, such as:

the food

Bosnian Airlines provides its passengers with various snacks and drinks for purchase during the trip, along with a la carte main meals and special menus for vegetarians, diabetics and gluten sensors that are reported 24 hours before the flight.

However, the Bosnian Airlines does not provide special meals for children and infants, but flight attendants can assist in heating up prepackaged milk and baby food.


The Bosnian Airlines offers its passengers comfortable, spacious seats measuring 28 to 29 inches, with an additional foot space that can be purchased for 25 euros for one-way or 35 euros for round trips, knowing that their number is limited.

the shopping

Bosnian Airlines provides a catalog of its duty-free products, which include perfume and duty-free gifts that can be marketed and chosen to be purchased on board.

Bosnian Airlines destinations

Bosnian Airlines provides flights to 10 destinations in 7 European countries, the most important of which are:

Bosnian Airlines flights to / from Sarajevo

Bosnian Airlines flights to / from Belgrade

Bosnian Airlines flights to / from London

Bosnian Airlines flights to / from Istanbul

Flights Bosnia and Herzegovina from / to Zurich

Bosnian Airlines flights to / from Amsterdam

Bosnian Airlines flights to / from Copenhagen

Bosnia Air flights from / to Edinburgh Scotland

Bosnian Airlines ticket booking

You can book airline tickets on Bosnian Airlines through the official website, and you can also re-book it in case it is canceled by you and see the dates of offers and the lowest ticket prices offered by the company.

Bookings can also be made through the company’s local agents offices in your country, and you can get to know them by contacting the company’s customer service department.

Bosnian Airlines baggage policy

The Bosnian Airlines allows its passengers to carry free luggage with a total weight of 20 kg in the plane’s store, in addition to one hand bag with a weight of 7 kg and a total dimensions of 130 cm.

The luggage for children and infants allowed to be carried on the plane cabin during the flight varies according to the age and type, as it is allowed to carry a seat belt for children for the age group of two weeks until the age of two years, while it is allowed to carry a foldable stroller or baby chair pre-booked for the category of two weeks to the age of 3 years.

Carrying bicycles, diving equipment, musical instruments and oxygen pipes treated for hypo-breathing in a volume of 2 liters can also be permitted for a set fee, and dry ice, gliders, wet batteries and of course weapons and sharp objects are prohibited on Bosnian Airlines aircraft.

In the event that the permissible weight of the free luggage exceeds, the Bosnian Airlines imposes a fee for each piece of excess baggage up to a maximum of 30 kg, and this fee is estimated at 4 pounds / 5 euros per kg plus.

Noting that the mentioned weights may vary from time to time, in which case the company will clarify the weights permitted for the passenger to the extent of his travel during the reservation.

finishing travel procedures

You can finish your travel procedures at the Bosnia and Herzegovina Airlines check-in desks at the departure airport two hours before and 45 minutes before your flight, as the office closes its doors and does not accept the registration of any passengers.

Summary of customer reviews

Bosnian Airlines (Bosnia and Herzegovina Airlines) has not yet received ratings on Tripadvisor to book and rate flights.

common questions

This section addresses the answer to the most important questions that may be on your mind about Bosnian Airlines dealings and were not mentioned in the article.

Does Bosnian Airlines allow unaccompanied children to travel on their flights?

Yes, Bosnian Airlines allows children from 5 to 12 years to travel on unaccompanied flights, up to a maximum of 8 children / flight for EUR 25 / child.

What are the travel procedures for unaccompanied children on a Bosnian Airlines flight?

At the departure airport, the child receives a plastic folder hung around the neck with the ticket, boarding pass and a child’s travel form not accompanied by a guardian signed.

The guardian must remain at the departure airport until the flight takes off and remain in constant contact with the child, check-in staff, or the responsible manager until the plane arrives at the destination airport.

What are the procedures for transporting people with special needs on board Bosnian Airlines flights?

The Bosnian Airlines offers aspects of extreme care to its travelers with special needs, according to the type of disability, provided that the company is notified of it before traveling long enough to provide the necessary assistance to the passenger, either at his request or as the company deems appropriate.

For example, hearing impaired or deaf passengers have a priority on boarding a plane with a guide who is able to communicate with them to explain instructions and rights and how to seek service or assistance from the crew.

For the blind, they can take an 8-kg sighting dog with a total dimensions of 131 cm. He has all his vaccinations with his entry permit to the plane. He is placed with his cage on the ground in front of the passenger either in the front or back row of the cabin.

While Bosnian Airlines provides free wheelchairs at airports for those with mobility impairment, it does not accept more than 5 cases without a companion, and the number of people admitted to traveling on its flights who suffer from a mobility impairment may increase in case of accompanying cases.

In all cases, it is prohibited to wait for people with special needs to sit in front of the emergency exits.

Can women travel during pregnancy on Bosnian Airlines flights?

Yes, Bosnian Airlines allows pregnant women to travel on their flights without the need for a medical permit until the 28th week of pregnancy, while the medical clearance indicating the pregnancy and health status of the woman up to the date of the return flight on the Bosnian Airlines is compulsory until the 31st week of pregnancy, and the company absolutely prevents pregnant women From traveling on her flights by the 34th week of pregnancy.

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