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Details and conditions for travel to Greece

Information about tourism and travel to Greece, know the costs of traveling to Greece from accommodation, eating and transportation in addition to personal expenses, and know the conditions for traveling to Greece and the required papers and the price of Greece visa for Arab travelers.
Greece is one of the most beautiful countries around the world, and it is known for its extreme beauty and magnificence of places and attractions, as there are many attractions that attract tourists from all over the world, in addition to the strategic place that you enjoy between the three villages, which makes it very important to travel to it.
First of all, you need to know the costs of travel and accommodation in Greece, in order to be able to make a budget suitable for doing everything that is intended for your trip, without spending more money on things that you will realize over time that you do not need them. Sound planning is the secret to having fun in Greece

Travel costs in Greece:

  • Before reserving your tickets, do a quick search about ticket prices for each airline, comparing the services they provide with the times that are right for you.
  • Usually you will find that the prices of airline tickets for tourism on most airlines in the Arabian Peninsula, and the Levant are approximately $ 600.
  • With regard to transportation within the country, transportation is not very expensive, as you can take the metro to anywhere in Greece.
  • If you want to visit more than one Greek island, you can reach them via ferries, and you will find that the average price is 10 dollars.

Living in Greece:

It is very important to plan your stay by making a reservation at the hotel, and you will find many categories to suit your financial capabilities, and you will find a big difference between the prices of hotels near and far from the sea, close to tourist attractions, and places to buy widgets. You can do a quick search online to find out which hotel is best for your budget.
You will find that most hotels are average service for $ 120 a day, while higher hotels may cost up to $ 950 per night.

Personal expenses in Greece:

  • It is very difficult to estimate the expenses per person, due to the diversity of possibilities and the purpose of the trip and the tourist places that everyone wants to visit.
  • According to the experience, for the opinion of the people who visited Greece for tourism, the amount of $ 300 is very sufficient to eat the food you want abroad and move from one place to another.
  • You may find that obtaining certain dishes in Greece or Arab dishes is a little difficult, as most restaurants in Greece offer only popular food, while the prices from one place to another are very close.

Water in Greece:

Greece is one of the most important countries that enjoy very pure and largely fresh water, as you can drink without any fear or concern of tap water while the islands have less water, so it is best to drink canned water while you are in the Greek islands.

Conditions of travel to Greece:

To have a passport:

It is required that you have not obtained a passport more than ten years ago, and at the same time it is valid for a period of at least 3 months after the period for the Greek visa, and it is required that the passport contain at least two blank pages.
You will need to provide a photocopy of your passport in addition to passports that you previously owned if you have them, along with photocopies of all documents.


Ten recent photos are required, with a white background that has not been modified and the date for visualization not exceeding six months.

All biometric data:

Your fingerprints are scanned in addition to a digital photo. It is for citizens older than twelve years and is valid for a period of five years.

Having health insurance:

It is required that you have health insurance valid for a period not less than the period of the visa that you wish to obtain, and the minimum health insurance is not less than 300 thousand euros per person, and it is valid for all countries affiliated with the Schengen Agreement, and includes returning the person to his country in the event of his illness, and sponsorship All costs of treatment in critical cases or expenses of hospitalization in an emergency.

Other supplies required with the application:

  • Fill out the visa form, including the applicant’s information, and he must sign it in person.
  • The person must be over sixteen years old, and he has not previously traveled to Shenzhen or whoever lost his passport documents, he must issue an alternative from the Passports Department, which is located in the Tahrir Complex in Cairo, including all the previous seven years.
  • A copy of his national ID card.
  • A document explaining the purpose of his visit and how it will proceed.
  • Reservation of a hotel or proof of place of residence including the address and telephone in detail.
  • Proof of return and return flight tickets for his visit.
  • Bank statement for the last six months.
  • A certificate from your employer stating that you are doing a job on its business list, stating the start date of your business, the job that you are entrusted with, your monthly income and for free business owners, they must issue a commercial register with a photocopy of the commercial register.

For students:

Students must bring a document attesting to the school or university they are enrolled in.

In the event that the minors travel without the guardian’s approval:

Approval must be obtained from the guardian to obtain the visa in addition to approval for travel, this is done by signing the father or mother in the event of his death or the approval of the guardian of the minor who was appointed by the court, with the signing of the approval and this is mainly done in the headquarters of the Greek consulate And absolutely necessary as approval approval is documented in the real estate month.

In the event of a minor traveling with the consent of the guardian:

Approval is provided by the guardian and a mention is confirmed in court and in the real estate month. As for the guardian who is deceased, the certificate of the father’s death is presented with the request.

Language requirements:

  • All documents proving that the person speaks the English or Greek language are presented, with the documents being translated if they are in Arabic to be in the Greek language and this is done in the center of the Greek translation, which is located in Soliman Al-Halabi Street in the Tawfikiya district in the city of Cairo.
  • Duration you will need to obtain a visa:
  • Two weeks work.

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