To you, my dear continent, in the following lines, a summary of my trip to South Africa over 4 days of pleasure, so this city is characterized by the most famous and most magnificent tourist attractions, and its beauty that combines the picturesque nature that delights its viewers and the beautiful weather that no one gets tired of, so many tourists come to it Throughout the world to relax on its beaches and go to its green gardens, which are unparalleled in the world, and there are many cities that attract and crowd tourists, which is famous for the finest restaurants that offer the finest local dishes and international recipes, in addition to refreshing drinks, as it is characterized by Ge local markets and art galleries that do not get tired of roaming by the individual, and in the following lines of Arab travelers we will show the details of my trip for 4 days we review the tourism guide in South Africa for families.

My trip to South Africa

First day

In the morning I took a free tour of Cape Town and enjoyed its dazzling nature and beautiful tourist attractions that tourists from all over the world seek, who are keen to go to famous landmarks such as the National Botanical Garden and Sixth District Museum.
National Botanical Garden
At evening, I headed to Robben Island, which is inhabited by only 200 people at most, and is characterized by that island as one of the most prominent landmarks of South Africa, which is located on the borders of the natural table bay, and that island is one of the most famous and most magnificent local heritage cities, and was supported by UNESCO as one of the World Heritage cities .
Robin Island

the second day

In the morning I went to Yolders Beach in Cape Town, which is known as a colony of African penguins, so the number of penguins on the beach is about three thousand birds, and I spent the entire day time on the beach and enjoyed swimming in its pure waters and lying in the sun and seeing the mountainous appearance and the trees that border the beach from all side.
Boulders Beach

In the evening, after seeing the penguins and taking souvenir photos, I headed to one of the restaurants on the beach, which is characterized by decoration and fine design, for a delicious meal of seafood and delicious fish.
Boulders Beach Penguins

the third day

On the third day, I headed to Johannesburg, South Africa, to visit Lyon Park, which is located on about 500 acres, so the park resembles in its composition the large forest that you can take a walk in and see rare predators and lions, so more than eighty species of lions live in the heart of this park. Leon Park is also one of the most beautiful forests that are unparalleled in the whole world.
Leon Park
In the evening, I visited Mandela Square, which is one of the most beautiful landmarks in South Africa, which was called by the “Sandotz Square”, and then after that she was named after the leader Nelson Mandela and put a statue in it for him, and during the visit, memorial photos were taken of it and then I went to the existing markets With them to buy souvenirs.
Mandela Square

the fourth day

On the morning of the fourth and last day, I toured the Museum of Apartheid, which a tourist does not come to Johannesburg except and goes to, so the crowds crowded over that museum and accepted it for their great fascination with the documentary holdings such as old photographic films that tell the stories of apartheid that had happened in South Africa, in addition to artifacts that express the aches and pains of that period, people collected donations from some of them to open the museum in 2001 AD, without a goal for profit, but its purpose was culturally to display a period of society in the city.
Apartheid Museum
On the evening of the last day, I concluded my trip by visiting the city of Monte Casino, which is a huge entertainment city where there are many fun activities that visitors go to spend the unforgettable evenings. It is worth mentioning that the city was opened in the year 200 AD to receive visitors to the city of Johannesburg.

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