The most beautiful places of tourism in the Stock Exchange of Turkey in detail, the city of Bursa is located in northwestern Turkey, and this city comes in the fourth place in terms of population in Turkey as it has a population of more than 1.7 million people, and from an industrial point of view it is considered one of the best cities in Turkey, Bursa is characterized by many features Tourist and religious and rich in terrain and fertile plains, and is one of the largest cities rich in elements of tourist attractions, where the Uludag Mountains, which is adjacent to the city, which is famous for its high altitude and has recently been converted to a central location famous for skiing to you more details through Arab travelers.

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The city of Bursa is located in the northwestern part of Turkey, where it is located between the cities of Istanbul and Ankara, and in the Ottoman decade they called it Khdawandkar, and the reason for its name is Bursa Al-Khadra due to its green nature, as the various forests surround it, along with the many parks and public parks in it. Climate Although the city is located on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, but it is famous for its subtropical climate, we find the summer is hot and the winter is cold and humid, in which rain falls throughout the winter days, and snow falls that may last for two weeks.

The economic situation of the Stock Exchange

Bursa is famous for being one of the most famous agricultural areas in Turkey, where it occupies the forefront in the silk industry, and is famous for growing berries and silkworms, as well as for the textile, auto, dairy, and food preservation industries, and the famous factories in the city are Reno, Fiat, Sutach Dairy, Porosan, Doktash, Cables, Zorlu and Bush.

The most important natural destinations on the Turkish Stock Exchange

• This city attracts more than a million visitors every year, so we find Uludag National Park, tourists can reach the city by taking a cable car for 30 minutes, so this park is located on Uludag Mountain, which reaches a height of about 2543 meters, and this park is a popular center where winter sports are practiced It is also a center for camping and summer trips.
• The beginning of Uludag Mountain is located in the historical tree, which is one of the most prominent places in Bursa. It is only 10 minutes away from the city center. Below this tree there is a beautiful café that boasts wonderful views.
• The city is also famous for having four of the most beautiful public parks ever, such as a cultural park, which was built on an area of ​​393 thousand meters, and the zoo, which includes a variety of animals such as monkeys, birds of prey, monkeys, wolves, giraffes, lions, lions and other animals, and the flower garden or as it is known as Botanic Garden, which is considered one of the largest gardens of Bursa, it is known for its wide area and stunning natural landscapes that bring delight to the hearts of the viewers, and finally an attractive park which is a garden that includes a variety of recreational facilities where there are several areas for picnic and a fish tank and Several pools dedicated to fishing in addition to the presence of many restaurants that provide fresh fish meals and a number of cafes.

The most important tourist attractions in the Stock Exchange of Turkey

Bursa has many touristic places, most notably:

Old Mountain

In which many different competitions are held, such as international skiing competitions.

The coast of Materialania

It is one of the simplest and smallest cities in Bursa and is famous for the abundance of fresh fish restaurants and the many cafes there.

Oilat springs

These springs are located in the middle of the Oilat forest and there are a number of therapeutic water springs, and the reason for its popularity is due to a historical story dating back to the Byzantine era when one of the Byzantine princesses was suffering from the severity of the disease so they brought them to the Eilat springs, which was a strong reason in recovering from the disease.

Ulu Cami Mosque

It is considered one of the largest mosques in Bursa and one of its most famous landmarks. It was built in the Ottoman style combined with some of the engineering elements that Seljuk architecture was famous for. This mosque was built during the reign of Sultan Bayezid I, it is characterized by its wide area.

The Green Mosque

It is considered one of the most beautiful mosques of the city, as it contains a number of beautifully decorated Arabic writings.

Osman and Orhan cemeteries

The presence of these graves is one of the strongest reasons that encourage tourists to visit the city, as it goes back to the past and history, as these graves have been closed by stone walls for a period of time.

Tufas Museum

It is a museum dedicated to cars and historical Anatolian cars. This museum was opened in 2002 and is managed by TUVAS Company. The museum has an area of ​​17 thousand square meters, and includes a number of historical vehicles that were used in the past in the transportation process by horses.

Archaeological Museum of Bursa

The city also houses this museum, The city also includes many other museums such as the Bursa Ataturk Museum, Turkish Architecture, Modna Museum, Islamic Works and Iznik Museum.

Beaches of the city

As for the most important beaches of the city, we find the beaches of Mona, Armutlu, Corsunlu, Kumla and Orhanzhi.

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