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In detail, the best malls in Qatar. A recent and constantly renewed article. The State of Qatar is one of the countries that grow in a significant economic way, and flourish every day from the day before it at a very high rate, which makes it one of the most important tourist cities that visitors from all countries visit, and it does not depend on attracting tourists to landmarks. Archaeological, and historical only, but it also seeks to achieve luxury and fun for visitors by organizing many different activities, and building a lot of malls so that everyone can buy everything they want to get.

The best malls in Qatar:

When you visit Qatar Malls, you will feel as if you are in a mall no less than a service or quality than the malls in Europe, where all malls have international brand stores in addition to cafes to enjoy drinking coffee on, innovative interfaces of different beauty as you can eat with family, and friends prepared from Before the most famous international chefs in addition to the presence of cinemas, places to play bowling, and other attractive services.
Below we show you the most important country malls, the most monthly

The names of the Qatar compounds:

Villaggio Mall:

It is one of the most famous malls in Qatar, and the most beautiful at all, and it is one of the most famous malls in the entire Middle East region.

  • Villaggio Mall has been designed by international designers, and designed for a standard from the Italian city of Venice.
  • The mall is located in the Aspire Zone in the city of Doha, to the west, and it contains more than 220 shops, including impressive international brands, and includes many luxurious restaurants, cafes, and 13 cinemas.
  • The mall offers many unique services, including an ice rink, as well as a place for young children to play, and a four-dimensional theater, which is the first of its kind in the city.

Mall of Qatar:

  • Qatar Mall is built on an area of ​​five hundred thousand square meters, which is equal to the size of fifty soccer fields.
  • One of the most luxurious and elegant malls in the Arabian Gulf, it is the main shopping center for the World Cup fans that will be organized in Qatar in 2022 in the capital of Qatar.
  • The mall contains more than 400 shops in addition to many international brands of quality, and the famous reputation.
  • Mall of Qatar contains modern cinema halls, various entertainment facilities, in addition to restaurants that are many, many international dishes, and very comfortable cafes. There is also a wonderful huge hotel attached to Mall of Qatar.

Royal Plaza:

It is one of the largest complexes that contains many different shops among them, and it consists of three floors.
In the mall there are a lot of stores that sell precious jewelry, elegant and expensive watches in addition to recreational activities, various services from the cinema halls, halls dedicated to holding large banquets, and a part for children’s play. Many recreational activities are organized throughout the year including fashion shows, and leisure activities , And special offers for young children.

Hyatt Plaza:

If you want to buy widgets with your family, it is the most suitable place for families, and families to spend, an unforgettable time. It contains 74 different shops in addition to restaurants, places to drink and also contains many kiosks that sell handicrafts, different textiles, and a special part to play. Young children to have a lot of fun.

City Center Doha:

  • Most of the visitors to Doha City Center are from the local population, as it is the preferred destination for them because it is provided with everything a person needs from different activities, many services, and many products, and a variety between them.
  • The mall contains more than 300 stores of well-known international brands in the field of fashion and fashion.
  • There are specialized places for women’s widgets, and accessories in addition to luxurious, very elegant leather goods.
  • Amol has a bowling alley in addition to skiing places, and it features spaces for rock climbing with, the presence of a seat belt to prevent falls, and a special part for electronic games that young children love in addition to the impressive water parks, and the city that contains a lot of amazing games, movie theaters, Even unique cafes and restaurants that make delicious food.

The Gate Mall:

One of the finest malls in Qatar at all, and it contains many famous stores in addition to that if you are looking for an elegant romantic dinner then the restaurants in it are, your destination for sure

Lagoona Mall:

Lagoona Mall is one of the most famous complexes in Doha, and it is the perfect destination for you if you want to buy necessities in an atmosphere of elegance, luxury and pleasure.
Close to the mall are five-star luxury hotels, including the Ritz-Carlton and Grand Hyatt.
The hotel contains many famous shops, to which tourists come to buy unique luxury clothes, and you will find many luxury products that are not sold anywhere in addition to international restaurants, and restaurants that provide local food alike.

Landmark Mall:

There is Landmark Mall in the north of the city of Doha, specifically in the city of Khalifa, and it is one of the most important shopping centers for needs in Qatar, crowded with visitors and buyers.
Landmark is known for the splendor of the design prepared in the form of an ancient Qatari castle, and it provides many packages to buy widgets from international stores in addition to food commodities, cafes, dining places, and cinema halls. It also contains a special place for circus games, various tricks, and places for children.

Qatar’s popular markets:

Souq Waqif:

It is a marketplace, standing for the embodiment of the magnificence of Qatar’s heritage, its beauty, customs and traditions, and it contains a lot of shops that sell everything at reasonable prices, and no tourist should miss the opportunity to tour this market at least.

Falcon market:

One of the markets that attracts the admiration of tourists, it is one of the markets specialized in selling and buying palaces, and contains everything that a person needs to hunt, and it is frequented by bird lovers, and falcons are considered among the hobbies spread among the inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula, and in relation to its place it is located near the valley salon In, The interface of Salwa Roundabout Street in Al Waab.

Omani Market:

It is a popular informal market that everyone goes to buy fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables, and wonderful dates in addition to pure natural honey, different types of herbs, and other important and basic foods such as meat and fish, and you will be surprised to see souvenirs prepared with precision and professionalism.


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