Directory of the list of the most beautiful places of tourism in Singapore

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The most famous places of tourism in Singapore at all, Singapore is one of the best tourist places that attract many tourism lovers around the world, it is one of the most popular countries for tourists from different nationalities of the world, and it is a tourist destination for lovers of the root and the charming water nature, there are the most wonderful hotels that overlook Spectacular views, complete tourism products and beaches help you enjoy the most beautiful waters in the entire ocean. Arab travelers help you wander around Singapore and learn about the most important tourist places in it.

Where is Singapore

The Republic of Singapore is located in the south of the island of Malaya, in the southeast of the Asian continent, there is the fifth port in the world, in terms of the large number of activities that exist in it throughout the year, and it occupies the fourth position in the world economy, and its population is about five million people, and its nationality is a mixture of Between Indians and Chinese, along with Caucasians, Asians, and others of different nationalities gathered in Singapore until it is a unified republic, and there are approximately 43% of the non-local population who do not have Singapore citizenship.
Singapore is one of the most beautiful tourist countries around the world, ten million annually visit this wonderful country, because traveling to it does not require an entry visa once you book airline tickets, you can spend a whole month inside it without paying any fees, and Singapore residents speak a lot of languages ​​around the world, including Malaysian, English and also Chinese, Singapore is surrounded by a very humid tropical climate, where it rains throughout the year, and sometimes temperatures reach approximately 35 degrees, so it is a suitable face throughout the year to travel and enjoy the beautiful places.

The most famous tourist places in Singapore

And there are a lot of places that you will listen a lot to see and as it has a system of the easiest transportation systems through its cities, which is the subway where every tourist landmark has a station to move to and from all the tourist places and its tourist places are:

Gulf Gardens

It is one of the most famous places within Singapore and is divided into three main sections consisting in front of the waterfront of Singapore, they are the East Gulf Park, the Central Gulf Park, and finally the South Gulf Park, which is the largest park among them, these gardens extend over an area of ​​101 square kilometers, which is considered one of the most important tourist places because it is Founded with the aim of making the city a large garden, full of green nature from everywhere, these gardens contain a large number of green spaces and corridors that help you to walk around easily with ease, and there are many tree statues that rise to nearly fifty meters, and they contain me Neb Tat distinctive and unique and delightful to look tropical.

Singapore Roller Wheel

It is one of the most important features that distinguish the State of Singapore, reaching a height of approximately 165 meters, and it is the highest wheel in the continent of Asia, this wheel rotates approximately after half an hour has passed a full cycle, where you can see the city from above this height and enjoy the views through it, contain It has 28 wheels and one wheel accommodates about 28 tourists inside. It was built in three years and was first used in 2008.

Sentosa World Resort

It contains several distinctive restaurants inside Singapore and the most important hotels in it. It is located on the island on the south coast of Singapore, which is a privileged location to enjoy the wonderful marine view. It also contains a huge water park and a large aquarium of distinctive fish such as dolphins and aquarium fish.

Marina Bay Sands

It is a famous product in Singapore, it contains many entertainment centers that you will enjoy inside, has a large number of shops and restaurants that offer various types of international food, Marina Bay Sands was opened in 2010.

Orchard Road

It is one of the busiest tourist routes in Singapore and is one of the main roads within the city, to provide the best local and international marketing materials, and the best restaurants famous for the sweetest cuisine, and is also the headquarters of the Singaporean President.

Safari night

Among the oldest parks in Singapore, it was opened in 1984, and it is one of the most attractive places for tourists, which is visited by about one million visitors during one year, through which you can ride the local tram and move through seven areas inside it, you can also walk around and see animals at night.


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