Directory of the most beautiful tourist places in Qatar

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Today we present to you a topic on the most famous tourist places in Qatar, Qatar is one of the Arab Gulf states that is characterized by its progress and beauty despite its smallness. There are a variety of recreational places where one can spend wonderful times, as well as museums and historical places that reflect the Qatari civilization. Today on the Arab travelers website, we together address the best tourist places in Qatar that you can visit while you are there.

The most beautiful tourist places in Qatar

There are many places that you can visit in Qatar, such as:

Doha Corniche

  • It has evolved a lot and includes a number of trails for hikers in the trees and flowers, with its charming sea view.
  • There are many seating areas along its length that allow you to enjoy the magnificent view in front of you between the sea and the tall skyscrapers scattered alongside it.
  • It features a dedicated area for children so they can play and have fun without worrying about them.
  • What distinguishes him most is the runway that ends in the water, allowing you to touch the clear waters and enjoy watching the small colorful fish.
  • In addition, there is the charming giant pearl fountain, which attracts many to take pictures of memorials beside it.
  • In addition to the statue of the Arabian Oryx, which was chosen as a symbol of the 2006 Asian Games.
  • In the end, you can have a special meal or a great drink in one of the restaurants or cafes that spread there.

Standing market

  • One of the most popular places for tourists to visit and enjoy.
  • It is distinguished by its old building, which dates back more than a hundred years.
  • Bey back in ancient times with its narrow streets, and its traditional products of clothing and food expressing the Qatari heritage.
  • It includes a large group of shops among its streets, which sell various products such as cloth and souvenirs, wood carvings, and the most famous spice market, which sells the finest and best spices.
  • He is also a frequent visitor to Al Rayyan Theater, which hosts great concerts.
  • You should not miss a visit to the Souq Waqif Arts Center, which collects some small pieces of handicrafts that were carefully chosen from the shops that display them.
  • Dotted with many restaurants and cafes that offer delicious traditional Qatari meals.

Islamic art museum

  • It was built on an industrial island facing Doha Corniche, distinguished by its architectural style that combines Islamic and modern civilization.
  • It houses many ancient Islamic monuments dating back to a long time, such as some manuscripts dating back to the seventh century and the Ottoman era.
  • It also contains a set of Islamic antiquities made of metal, along with some old swords and weapons.
  • The hall that houses a collection of jewelry that reflects Islamic civilization is most distinguished.
  • The best thing to conclude with your visit is a walk in the museum park, which extends to a vast scanner, and includes a distinguished group of the best restaurants and cafes.

Qatar Water Park

  • The most popular leisure destination for tourists and locals alike especially on hot days.
  • It features a variety of water games for young and old.
  • The Pirate Beach area for children is one of the games that attract the most children, in addition to the water slide which differs in height and is suitable for everyone.
  • The wave pool also attracts many and is characterized by its artificial waves, to give you a feeling like being in the arms of nature.
  • In addition to the ski basin, which gives you the opportunity to take a great adventure in water skiing.
  • You can get delicious meals from the distinctive restaurants that offer the most delicious fast food for you and your children.
  • In addition to having an area designated for younger children, he can have fun in complete safety, such as a driving school that gives an opportunity to play in cars.

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