Guide to the most beautiful tourist places in the Bursa Turkey, the city of Bora, also called the green stock exchange, is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey. What are the most important tourist attractions that can be visited in the summer? What are the most important waterfalls in it? What are the most beautiful markets from which Turkish and international clothing can be bought, and here are more details for Arab travelers.

When is the best time to visit Bursa?

The summer is the best time to visit this charming city, as you will be blessed with the beauty of the green nature and it is a masterpiece from all sides in addition to the fresh air that is comfortable to the soul, and many recreational tourism activities can only participate in the summer and many sports that suit all ages.

The most beautiful tourist places on the Turkish Stock Exchange in the summer:

Bursa is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey, which many tourists prefer to visit in the summer, in order to enjoy the charming nature, and many different activities and entertainment that exist in the city. It is characterized by abundant dazzling gardens, fresh waterfalls and beautiful beaches, which will bring pleasure to Your heart, and makes your visit to her not the last

Cable car ride and beauty of Bursa in summer:

  • It will be very enjoyable to ride the cable car that will carry you to Mount Uludag, especially in the summer season, as it is characterized by beautiful fresh air away from the hustle and bustle of the city and its high temperature. You can also enjoy seeing the city from a high level.
  • During your cable car tour, you will be able to see the beauty of the city closely and its vast green surfaces as it passes through many shops selling souvenirs for travelers.
  • The cable car passes through many restaurants with a very beautiful view, and your trip often lasts for half an hour.

The Cultural Park:

One of the most beautiful natural places in Bursa that you have to go through during your visit to the city, where you find places to drink tea, and places for children to play as well as you will find many wonderful gardens and beautiful cafes, and you can also ride rowing boats that are rented in the garden pool.

Mudanya neighborhood:

It is one of the amazing neighborhoods in Bursa, and it is famous for the abundance of forests and the green nature that relaxes the breath of great height, and it directly overlooks the shore of the Sea of ​​Marmara, which increases the beauty of the scene in the summer months. All parts of the world.
Moudania neighborhood is characterized by its moderate climate throughout the year, the beauty of nature, and the large number of tourist attractions, which allow swimming and diving in addition to many other sports activities.

Bursa Zoo:

One of the most popular destinations for fans of fun, joy and interesting times, as it is the best entertainment in the city and the occasion to go out in the summer months.
You will find a lot of entertaining animals that young children will love, you can take pictures with your favorite animals, and there are also many parks near the zoo that contain different and impressive types of plants that were brought from different parts of the world, the tourist will definitely love eating in the most beautiful and luxurious Turkish restaurants located near this zoo as well as the zoo is suitable for all ages and can practice a lot of activities and sports and rent bicycles.

Haflinger Siftlige:

The most important characteristic of the beauty of the site is that it prepares a luxurious Turkish-style breakfast and serves it on the Al Bahah, which enjoys a beautiful view of Bursa
The place offers many activities, including children riding horses under the supervision of specialists, which will bring a lot of joy to their hearts, and the thrill of their journey.

Aqua park:

It is one of the most beautiful entertainment in Turkey at all, and it contains a lot of international restaurants and elegant high-end shops in addition to cinema halls, parks, tennis courts, and many tourist attractions.

Bursa Falls

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bursa, which you must definitely visit:

Saeedabad Waterfall:

There is a short distance from the city, in addition to the beauty of nature and the beauty of the sound of water in the middle of calmness there are near the waterfall honey apiaries, which will give you the opportunity to try different types of honey, know the difference between each of them, and learn more about how to extract honey and pollen.
Do not miss traffic in the running water and take memorial photos among the huge stones that give rise to questions and thinking, as you will find many places around the waterfall where barbecues are served and many restaurants that are the best Turkish dishes, especially fish and grilled meat, and at the same time enjoy a breathtaking view of the waterfall .

Dwangi Waterfall:

There is a simple distance from Lake Dujiansi, which is very distinguished by the beauty of nature and the dazzling green spaces, which makes it one of the best sights for nature lovers and walks in the gardens. Barbecues can be done or camping with friends near the waterfall.

Coricle Waterfall:

It is one of the most amazing waterfalls in Turkey, with a height of more than 80 meters, and dense forests on all sides.
Many of the streams of water that come from the dense forest surrounding it reach the waterfall. At the end of the waterfalls there is a pool with clear water that you can sit around and enjoy this fresh view.
Most of those who visit Coricli Waterfall in the summer season love marine life and going for adventures, while some want to visit it in the winter season in order to exclusively photograph it.

Kamal Pasha Waterfall:

There is a distance of 17 kilometers from the neighborhood of Mustafa Kemal Pasha, which is one of the highest waterfalls in the city, and around it there are many parks of charming nature that will make your excursion unforgettable. You can enjoy the view of the waterfall and the water flowing from this high rise in the waterfall. You can also take many memorial photos to document the moment.
You can go down in tents by the waterfall so that you can stay as long as possible in this charming nature.

Oilat waterfall:

It is located in Aweilat, close to its famous cave and seventy kilometers from the city, and it is characterized by the beauty of nature, where the forests have dense trees lying beside each other in addition to the springs with clean water.
Near the waterfall, you will find many cafes and restaurants that are the best and most delicious Turkish dishes. You can also walk over the streams of water across the wooden bridges that dot the place and enjoy the water sprinkle that climbs to the top in a wonderful refreshing atmosphere.

Turkish city of Bursa markets

The following are the most famous markets in the city that mix modernity with the splendor of the past:

Dhafer Plaza Complex:

It is one of the oldest malls in the city, and it is characterized by its impressive building and consists of 4 floors underground.
The complex is located a short distance from the middle of Bursa and near the Great Mosque and the popular markets in the city, which makes it the best option for buying different clothes and needs.

Carrefour Stock Exchange:

It is one of the largest markets in Bursa, and is a branch of the Carrefour World Series. Carrefour contains around 140 shops of international brands, as well as cinema and places to eat

Coropark Mall:

One of the largest shopping centers in the city, as it was ranked among the 15 largest malls in the country of Turkey. Consists of three shopping and purchasing floors and two underground floors for parking, it can accommodate more than 2500 cars.
You will find many international brands and boutiques that display Turkish clothes known for their elegance and quality, and many cafes and play areas for young children in addition to the various recreational activities that take place in the mall.
The mall is equipped with nine movie theaters, in addition to a hypermarket to buy different needs, and a very elegant residential complex is attached to it.


It is located at a distance of 9 km from the city center, and it is known for the intensity of the beauty of the architecture, the infinity of design and the extent of its sophistication.
One of the most beautiful services provided by the free private parking fully, which contains a lot of luxury stores that display local and international fashion, in addition to places to eat and famous cafes in Turkey.
You will find a huge supermarket attached to the center in order to be able to buy all the needs of the house. Anatolium also contains a lot of leisure activities that are offered daily and it is close to the Bursa city bus station, which makes it easy to reach and move from anywhere to Turkey.

Kent complex:

It is considered one of the vital centers in the city and its area exceeds 10 thousand meters. It consists of 3 buildings connected to each other through the floors that reach the underground level also. It contains more than 90 different shops among them with respect to the resorts and include local and international products.
In Kent complex you will find huge cinema halls with modern technology in addition to many restaurants that are delicious international dishes, and restaurants that offer fast food, and there is an open-air part for drinking wonderful Turkish coffee in a pure natural environment away from crowding and noise. The mall opens every day from ten o’clock and closes at five in the afternoon.

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