If someone tells you that you can visit the most beautiful economic tourist destinations in India for less than $ 100, you should believe it! Away from the capital “Mumbai”, which is very expensive for tourists, most other Indian regions are considered a good opportunity for hikers – who want to reward themselves with a trip to a country rich in its civilization, diversity of cultures and the beauty of its nature. The most beautiful economic and tourist destinations in India will require you from the traditional procedures for hikers such as the use of means Public transportation, accommodation in hostels and small hotels, and life as a local citizen most of the time. Learn about the most beautiful tourist destinations in India: –Bavarti Valley - IndiaParvati ValleyTake a cheap train ticket or public bus that can take you to one of the most beautiful natural areas in India, Parvati Valley, where the mountains are surrounded by greenery, fresh lakes, and magical weather. There are many local villages near the valley such as “Tosh” which provides very economical accommodations in addition to the famous Indian dishes restaurants. There is also “Kheerganga” village where hot natural water springs and many green places and popular activities. Parvati is from 150 rupees for special places, while food is cheaper than that and in all it will cost 3-4 days for a trip less than 5000 rupees only. Activities you can take in the Parvati valley: – Visit the mountainous area in the village of “Tosh” to attend local parties and carnivals Folk enjoying warm water eyes In Kheerganga “”The most beautiful economic tourist destinations in India Goa StateIf you are looking for beach tourism in India to relax and recuperate, we recommend that you visit the charming and quiet Goa state at the same time. Staying in Goa will not require you many transfers, the beauty of the beach and its warm sun will take you in the morning, while the local night parties will be sufficient To give you a feeling of happiness and fun. Activities you can do in Goa: – If you are in the north of “Goa” then rent a “small” motorcycle (250 rupees per day) and go to explore the provincial capital, the city of “Panaji” and the suburb of “Donna Paula”. Go to visit the old city In Goa and enjoy seeing some of the monuments and buildings history H.tnql between the various state beaches such as (Baga – Calangute – Candolim) and took souvenir photographs of the highest lighthouse in the “Fort Aguada” .ln cost of accommodation, living and transportation between the shores of the “Goa” and sightseeing more than 5,000 rupees for a period of three or four days.The most beautiful economic tourist destinations in India Puducherry: – The “Pondicherry” region is famous for being one of the ancient French colonies in India, whose buildings, restaurants, and customs still retain some of the effects of the French occuAl Bahahn. It is also a tourist place that offers world food at affordable prices and the city enjoys that it has a distinct beach and can visit its tourist attractions Especially the places where the monks retire by renting a bicycle. Activities you can do in Puducherry: Relaxing on the beach (Promenade) Visiting the monastery (Aurobindo) Exploring the city by bike The most beautiful economic tourist destinations in India are not only limited to these areas. M many other cities and states that offer tourists roaming the opportunity to enjoy a distinctive trip at the lowest cost.

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