Discovery Kuwait .. Learn about the complex and what will you find in it?

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Discovery Kuwait, a distinguished edifice in the world of tourism, where it combines the pleasure of shopping and entertainment in the same place and despite the small size of Kuwait, it was able to find its way in the world of recreational tourism with huge projects such as Discovery Complex Kuwait.

Address of Discovery Mall Kuwait:

Discovery Kuwait is considered one of the best commercial and educational recreational complexes that are also concerned with children and young people. It was opened in 2009 on an area of ​​20739 square meters and was the first of its kind in terms of magnitude, as it consists of three roles “the bottom, the ground and the mezzanine” and occupies the commercial area only An area of ​​approximately 11500 meters, Discovery Kuwait is located in the Green Belt area in the center of Kuwait City, next to the Musical Fountain between Al Soor Street and the First Ring Road.

Discovery Children’s Complex:

Discovery Kuwait .. Learn about the complex and what will - Discovery Kuwait .. Learn about the complex and what will you find in it?A miniature model of a plane inside the Aviation Museum at Kuwait’s Discovery Complex for ChildrenDiscovery Kuwait is the first project of its kind in Kuwait to be a mixture of an educational, educational and commercial complex looking to educate and educate children in an easy, distinct and fun way that unleashes the child’s creativity and the potential available to him, especially children from one year to age 14 years, the Children’s Discovery Academy contains a scientific center for discovery that helps develop the skills of the young inventor and children with the seed of invention and imagination, a center for teaching computer skills and skills, and a center concerned with children’s artistic creativity and skills development Artistic like drawing and painting in addition to the special feature that distinguishes the Discovery Complex for children and makes it an ideal place to educate and open wide horizons for children, namely, the contract that was signed by the complex with the scientific club to establish a flying museum, in which the history of aviation and miniature models of different types of aircraft are presented and explain how This unique invention made it easy to move and for the child to discover the process of flying at a young age. Read also: Fit4Fun Kuwait .. The most beautiful new recreational places for children

Kuwait Discovery Academy games:

Accompany your children on a fun and interesting trip to Discovery Kuwait, where many fun games and fun leisure activities such as bowling, billiards, skating rink and car games where an agreement was signed with a famous and distinguished company specialized in amusement and entertainment games, which is the company Cosmo (COZMO), and a company special for the child’s needs and different interests that It suits that age and it is BAROUE, and as Discovery Complex Kuwait has returned to excellence, it did not overlook children with special needs and their desire to play, have fun, and enjoy their childhood like the rest of the children, so a contract was signed with a qualified company specialized in amusement games Walter It is special for education for people with special needs, and thus, the games of Discovery Complex Kuwait are an integrated edifice for entertainment and education for all children, providing them with a suitable environment for fun mixed with education and education, and the Discovery Al Kout complex is a special place to take your children to play especially because the prices of Discovery games are not high and its safety for children there is a card For a child you pay 5 dinars for him and plays some games throughout the day such as a cork room and the mazes of children and slides, a game of ball pool and bazooka ball for a person of 8 dinars, a game of grinned ball for one person 6 dinars, all of which are affordable prices for everyone to enjoy your child An exciting and exciting journey of fun and play.

Discovery Mall Kuwait:

1581226000 522 Discovery Kuwait .. Learn about the complex and what will - Discovery Kuwait .. Learn about the complex and what will you find in it?(Petite & Sweet) is a unique experience for the luxury of your child. Discovery Complex Kuwait is concerned not only with children but also with the hosting of all family members, therefore a number of distinctive shops have been opened that suit adults and children such as stores selling accessories, clothes, makeup, sportswear for adults and Curves Club for women in addition to some stores specializing in children’s clothes such as (Cilek, Ed Hardey, Rite Fit, Funky Fish), and Discovery Mall Kuwait also includes a unique experience for your child, namely, Petite & Sweet, an integrated children’s salon that provides all types of care and well-being for children, starting with washing hair with the best types of special shampoo Children, haircuts, blow dryers, various hairdos and manicures for girls, which is the first available place in Kuwait to do such things for children, in addition to a part of the store that includes a distinct and selected group of the best international brands of children’s clothing that are only available inside the store, and as a human insight in which the store outperforms a small corner that can For children, donate toys, books, and money for children in need, and the store delivers them to those who deserve them, and that is a nice glimpse from the store to instill a spirit of cooperation and mercy in children and strengthen their feelings of others. Read also: the best luxury malls in Kuwait with cheap prices That many people flock to

Discovery mall restaurants in kuwait

1581226000 609 Discovery Kuwait .. Learn about the complex and what will - Discovery Kuwait .. Learn about the complex and what will you find in it?Enjoy the most delicious cuisine in Kuwaiti Discovery restaurantsDiscovery Kuwait includes a number of the most famous international restaurants that offer the most delicious European and Arabic dishes to enjoy the most delicious foods that you wish and desire to ensure that your trip is complete for your well-being and the happiness of your family as it contains a number of cafes where you can eat your favorite coffee or any drink you want There is also ice cream with different flavors and favorites for children, such as these restaurants and cafes, for example: Kentucky, where the most delicious crunchy chicken, Monster Chow for Chinese food enthusiasts, McDonald’s, Nathans, the pizzeria, Café Chocolate and Macron, which offers delicious desserts The breathtaking French luxury with its charming and delicious taste, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Restaurant and Café, which serves delicious food, delicious frozen coffee and a number of hot and cold drinks, in addition to some snacks and desserts.

No. Discovery Mall Kuwait

Discovery Kuwait is considered one of the most favorite entertainment places for the people of Kuwait and tourists to spend family and children gatherings, as it includes the pleasure of shopping and buying and the ability to eat in the most luxurious restaurants where adults enjoy many interesting and interesting modern games equipped with the latest technologies for the fun of children and therefore it is an ideal place to enjoy family holidays, For more information or any inquiries about the place and its policy, you can contact through the Discovery Mall Kuwait number (+965 2 2913636).


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