“Disneyland”; the happiest spot on the face of the planet

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There is no doubt that “Disneyland” is the happiest spot on the planet, and I can take responsibility for this claim, having visited it three times, and not only once. I remember very well the details of the first visit to this wonderful entertainment city, as I was a very young, stunning 9-year-old girl. As for my second visit, I was 12 years old, and I was with my friends. I returned for the third time to this beautiful city when I became 14 years old, that is, three years ago. If there is something that combines all of these visits, it is extremely magnificent. Although each visit was completely different from its predecessor, this does not change anything from the description that was validated on each visit … It is without a doubt the happiest spot on the face of the globe!
Disneyland the happiest spot on the face of the planet - "Disneyland"; the happiest spot on the face of the planetImage Source: Wikipedia

My first visit to the magical world

On the occasion of my ninth birthday, I visited the “Magic Kingdom” in the American city of Orlando, accompanied by my family. And the word “yearning” will not fulfill the description of what I felt, as the feeling that I possessed at that time far exceeded the longing! The mere idea of ​​meeting my favorite “Disney” characters like “Mickey Mouse” and “Ayur”, and of course the “Disney” princesses like “Ariel” (Little Mermaid) and “Bel” (Belle and the Beast), made me fly with joy. Soon we began to feel the spirit of “Disney” running in the place while we drove on Maine Street in the United States of America, where people were singing and dancing everywhere. After enjoying this lively dancing scene in the street, we headed towards the “Cinderella” castle, and the words will not fulfill the description of the enthusiasm that struck me when my eyes fell on the flame and watched it with my own eyes. I have been watching Disney princesses since the age of five, and my secret wish has always been to see one of the castles and princesses on the ground, and then it happened that the time for the Disney princesses to show came. All princesses such as Ariel, Snow White, Bill and Yasmine, and of course Cinderella, appeared with their princes. Then we headed to the “Prince Charming” horse swirl behind the Cinderella Castle to see the details of princesses’ stories, and it was the largest whirlpool I have ever seen! Even riding her horses is the most enjoyable adult among us too. After three rides, my happiness had no limits! The Little Mermaid movie was my favorite movie (and is still in fact), so we decided to visit the “Ariel” cave (the place where “Ariel” holds all of its possessions), and it was a truly amazing experience! After taking a look at Ariel’s properties, we decided to go through the experience of the “Little Mermaid Trip” that takes you to Ariel’s house in Atlantica, and I felt very happy with this leisurely tour that allowed me to see my favorite Disney princess on the land of Reality, not on TV. We visited many other wonderful landmarks after the fascinating “Ariel” world. After lunch, which consisted of delicious sausages, we headed to “Tomorrowland” (Tomorrowland), where we watched the great display of the disappearance of “Stitch”, but I was sad because I could not visit most of the attractions because of the rules regarding the length of individuals. We decided to visit the splash water mountain, and I was disappointed again because I was not long enough, and I wanted myself to enjoy its games on my next visit. But that told me that I spent a lot of time in Fantasy Land (fantasy land) accompanied by my favorite characters, and I met “Ayur” (from “Winnie” the teddy bear), “Mickey Mouse” and the chipmunks “Sheep” and “Dell”, and of course “Ariel” Cinderella, and Bill.
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Then, after meeting these characters, we set out to visit other attractions such as the tea party, the haunted mansion, Aladdin’s magical rugs and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. It was a great experience, although it made us feel a little dizzy. Then the evening show was arrived after a short time. Although we were exhausted, the mere thought of leaving Disneyland brought me sorrow. The show was the best part of our day (alongside Cinderella Castle for sure) as it allowed us to see all the Disney characters together, followed by a breathtaking festival of fireworks accompanied by the songs of classic Disney movie songs, in a magical scene that I will never forget. . That day in our magical kingdom was one of the happiest days of my childhood, and it is definitely the best birthday party.
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My second visit satisfied everyone

Three years later, when I became 12 years old, I visited the magic kingdom in “Orlando” with my friends, and my fascination with Disney princesses has gone. This time I looked forward to visiting attractions such as “Splash” and “Mountain”, and I realized that the visit with my friends would be different from the visit with the family. While we were walking on Maine Street, United States of America, I felt the longing for this visit with my parents. We went straight to Cinderella Castle and took some memorial photos, and then we decided to miss the next show, which is a big change from last time when I waited impatiently. We then headed to “Splash”, and this time I was allowed to enter it, it became much longer. All I can say is that the experience was worth the wait. It was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life!
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Next, we headed to “Tomorrow Land” to enter the legendary “Space” mountain, which is the only inner roller coaster of its kind that operates in the dark! Imagine not knowing when the vehicle was going to be rolled by a dangerous turn or when it was going up or down at an angle of 45 degrees! This adrenaline-awakening tour of your body lives up to its reputation, and we have left it as we resist our desire to ride it again, even I think it is one of the best attractions of the magical kingdom. The time for “Tomorrow Land Speedway” has come. The Pirates of the Caribbean region was the first place we visited in Adventure Land (adventure land), as this tour brought the adrenaline back into our bodies again. The bush tour was also refreshing after all these quick tours that made our heads dizzy. And when it was lunch time, we headed to Cassie Corner (again). Then we toured the stores of Maine Street in the United States of America in search of souvenirs, where the stores of “Magic Kingdom” sell great products inspired by “Disney” movies that you will not find anywhere. We struggled with our desire to buy all the offered goods. We then went to the Presidents’ Hall, and listened to a robot representing “Abraham Lincoln” as he read a long speech (boring in my opinion), and then we went to the haunted palace that I visited before, but he was still scaring me. Time for the evening show again! The fireworks I enjoyed watching was absolutely breathtaking. There is no doubt that it was an enriching and rewarding experience again, and I would be right if I said that it was completely different from the one that the nine-year-old princess got one day!
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Third Visit: Disneyland surprised you with a better experience than its predecessor every time!

After two years, my family (including my cousins, who were nine and three years old at the time) went to Hong Kong, and we had the opportunity to visit Disneyland again. This was my third visit, and frankly, I was not enthusiastic about it. I was 14 years old at the time and asked what I could do when I was there. I kept repeating in secret: “Disneyland is a place only suitable for children and there is nothing I can do there now,” and I was wrong! We walked on Maine Street in the United States, and my cousins ​​were hoping when they saw people singing and dancing everywhere. We first saw the sleeper princess castle, and since it looks different from the one in Orlando, I realized then that the Hong Kong Disneyland experience would be completely different from the one I had in Orlando. My cousins ​​insisted on watching the Disney princess show, and we had no choice but to be surprised that the show is completely different from the “Orlando” show, and I enjoyed it a little. Then we headed to “Fantasy Land” because they could not be patient to see their favorite characters from the “Disney” world, so we met there “Mickey Mouse” and the other “Disney” princesses, and it was an exciting experience for them. We then proceeded to the “Mickey Wilhar Magic” show, and this was the first time I attended this show. Fantasy Land brings back to my mind the memory of my first visit to Disneyland. As for “Adventure Land”, we attended another show entitled “The Lion King Festival”, and it was a wonderful show full of interesting acrobatic movements accompanied by fire, songs and dances. After the show, we drove to Tomorrowland, where I rode the “MySpace” mountain tour that excited me again, and then we installed the “Orbetron” spinning vehicles that are located in the heart of “Tomorrow Land” which I had not previously been riding, and it was very enjoyable. After lunch (which was unfortunately not in Cassie Corner) I went with my mother to buy souvenirs from Main Street in the United States, which was different from her counterparts in Orlando as well, and we therefore had to resist the urge to buy all of her exhibits again. !

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Then my cousins ​​insisted on returning to Fantasy Land (and I fully understand that, this is what I did when I was nine years old). She managed to ride the horse’s synthetic horse swirl (which was not as big as the one in “Orlando”), visited the Snow White Cave and then the “tea party”. Soon after, the evening came, and I longed for the evening show because it was one of my favorite shows in “Disneyland”, and it was amazing at my goodness again, and the fireworks that followed were very charming. Something in the festival makes it so fun every time!
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I am lucky to have visited Disneyland three times in my life so far! And I feel fortunate, not only because it is the land of dreams for children, but also when I have it for all people of all ages. Well, some people may think that three times is enough for me, but I do not share their opinion. If I had the opportunity to visit the land of dreams again, I would seize her immediately and live unforgettable memories again!


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