Djerba island tourism

المسافرون العرب

Djerba island tourism

The island of Djerba is one of the Tunisian islands located in the southeastern side of the country, within the Gulf of Gabes, and its area is estimated at about five hundred and fourteen km2, and occupies the first place in terms of area at the level of the North African continent islands, and the length of its coastline is about one hundred and twenty five kilometers.

Al-Muadham calls it the island of dreams, as it is connected to the continent through a road that is about seven kilometers long. It was built in the Romen era that leads it to the city of Zarzis, and on the other hand it is considered one of the most important tourist islands, and this is what we will talk about below.

Tourist photos in Djerba

Tourism activity in the island begins to appear after a distance of five kilometers from Houmt Souk, which is the capital or the main center of the island, is covered, while at a distance of fifteen kilometers, a person can arrive and see the facilities and tourist resorts in them, including more than ninety-two adjacent hotels In different categories, in addition to golf club and different resorts.

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Djerba Island attracts large numbers of tourists and visitors; therefore, it is considered one of the most important tourist poles in Tunisia, as it is characterized by a group of pictures and elements that made it so, most notably its ancient history; it is related to the legend of the Odyssey and the Iliad.

There are also many historical and archaeological sites and places that have a connection with the different civilizations that were found in the Mediterranean basin area, in addition to its rare sandy beaches and the articulated palm trees, olive trees, etc., in addition to its mild and pleasant climate.

Historical monuments in Djerba

There is a large group of defensive towers that were constructed in separate periods of time, the most famous of which is the Ghazi Mustafa Tower, which is known as the Great Tower, and it is considered one of the axes that witnessed a group of renovations, and was built in the fifteenth century AD on the orders of the Hafsid Sultan Abdul Aziz al-Mutawakkil (Abu Faris ), When he went to it to resist the Spanish campaign led by King Alphonse V over it.

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Tourist activities in Djerba

The Tunisian Ministry of Tourism has worked to diversify tourism activities on the island, so tourism has been called tourism in ports and recreational islands, and a group of private companies have made daily trips to other nearby islands such as Pink Flamingo and Ras Raml Island, from During the island of Djerba, relying on the private ships and boats owned by these companies in cooperation with foreign travel agencies of the Tunisian state.

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