The “Rubens at The Palace” hotel, located on the doorstep of “Buckingham Palace” in London, sells the most expensive cup of tea in Britain. It is said that the “Rubens Golden Tips” tea, which is released in the highlands of Sri Lanka, has a soft and light texture with a fruity flavor. The price of one cup of it in Britain at 500 pounds!

Guests who request this will receive royal tea from the hand of a tea servant wearing a white glove and using golden tweezers and a scale to accurately weigh it. Each bowl of “Rubens Golden Tips” tea contains 3 cups and is served in a special silver tea set.

The drink will be accompanied by fresh cakes, pastries and sandwiches, and Robbins recommends drinking tea before taking it to savor its delicate flavor. And behind this luxurious product, there is an elaborate harvesting process, performed by skilled craftsmen, who harvest small, fresh buds at sunrise, and then sun-dried them on a velvet cloth very carefully, with the buds turning from silver to gold. The expensive coffee cup was designed in collaboration with the Berkshire tea merchants “P. David David Silva & Sons”.

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