Detailed information on entertainment programs in the entertainment village of Al-Dolphin in Dammam, there are some tourist and recreational places that characterized the city of Dammam in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, due to the nature of its temperate climate, its occurrence on the Red Sea, which helped him a lot to own wonderful places, and establish greater places to create a life Recreational fun for individuals, and among the most important of these places is the dolphin entertainment village, Arab travelers to show you the most important activities within the dolphin entertainment village

Dolphin Recreation Village

Dolphin Entertainment Village was established at the entrance to Al Marjan Island in front of Dammam Corniche, and Dolphin Village Dammam is one of the most popular entertainment places in Dammam, and it is considered a tourist and recreational landmark because it achieves a lot of increased demand throughout the year, and it is considered a complete entertainment city, there is It has many recreational activities that help you spend the best times and enjoy all the existing facilities, as there are many recreational games, whether water games or entirely new electric games, and also swimming pools for adults and other for young people, so that you can enjoy spending a whole day practicing Riya Of swimming.

Recreational places within the entertainment village of Dolphin

  • Dolphin specials

You will see the most beautiful and international dolphins shows that you will enjoy so much, and you will be able to get very close to the dolphin, and take some beautiful pictures with him at a cost of 50 Saudi riyals.
  • Dolphin Park Museum

In the recreational village of Dolphin, there is a museum of wildlife and aquariums, and many different types of fish that you will enjoy so much while watching.

  • cave

This cave was designed to be unique and distinctive, that it contains some terrifying statues and scary sounds, but you will enjoy a lot inside it.

  • The Egyptian Circus

There is also the Egyptian International Circus, which you will enjoy a lot with the performances presented inside it, and also shows for a black African predatory, renewed and diverse.

  • Cafés and restaurants

There are also places for relaxation while hiking inside the village, where you can eat food, or refreshments through cafes for families.

  • Smart sea lions offers

There are also smart Black Sea shows that are amazing and enjoy watching while spending the daily program inside Dolphin Entertainment Village.

  • Water Village

Many swimming pools include the Olympic swimming pool, which is characterized by its vast and large area, as well as many and various water games that help spend a fun time in this village, along with the children’s swimming pools.

  • Dolphin Village Gardens

You can walk around the village and enjoy its landmarks and parks and learn about all the activities inside it before trying it, by walking on foot through the pedestrian paths designated for that, or you can ride in the village train to take memorial photos for you during your visit.

Services provided by the dolphin entertainment village

  • There is free Wi-Fi within the village.
  • Large parking spaces to accommodate a large number of cars.
  • Transfer service to and from King Fahd Airport, which is 30 km away from the village.
  • There are many chalets that help you stay inside the village and enjoy it for several days. These chalets are distinguished for their distinctive views of the garden itself and there are living rooms and a flat-screen TV, a full kitchen equipped with all necessary tools, a bathroom with a large and spacious bathtub and a distinct shower, It also contains multiple bedrooms for all members of the same family.
  • Working hours inside the village, the village receives individuals and opens its doors from three in the evening until eleven in the evening.
  • Entry tickets for the village are 10 riyals per person.
  • Tickets to attend dolphin shows 20 riyals.
  • To learn more about the dolphin entertainment village and to see the village from the inside, click on this link.

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