To everyone who travels to Kuala Lumpur, especially from tourists, there are a lot of unique and wonderful things that can be bought as the city of Kuala Lumpur everyone who goes to it is preoccupied with its tourist beauty and the scenic religious, tourist and historical monuments that exist in it where it is possible to participate In the daily trips that start all over the city, it is also possible to take many picturesque and distinctive images in it, but we must also not forget to mention the most important products and purchases that this distinctive city is known as the city of Kuala Lumpur, which is one of The most important Asian cities and it is a city Gardens of the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, where its many gardens are scattered throughout the city in addition to the various animals that live in it. It is also famous for the international theaters that many of the most important international concerts and festivals are taking place. It is also worth noting that this state is considered the official capital of the state Malaysian, which is considered one of the largest Malaysian cities in size and population, and this wonderful and busy city is considered one of the most important economic, financial, cultural and political centers as well, and it is also worth noting that this wonderful city has hosted a For many different international sporting activities, and all this, besides that this wonderful state contains the two tallest twin towers in the world, which are the Petro Nass Twin Towers, which are known to be among the most important tourist attractions, but all this does not substitute for the ancient civilization that the country of Malaysia is famous for. In the past, as it has been exposed to many colonies, which have helped in the exchange of many cultures and the construction of many historical Chinese facilities, which have become a distinctive tourist importance in our day as they contain a lot of cultural and natural monuments besides the distinctive products that will not You will find it Wii in Kuala Lumpur city with excellent quality and high ,,

Electronics is considered one of the most important things that you should consider buying if you are residing in the city of Kuala Lumpur, as most electronic technologies, the most important of which are the camera, smart phones, mobile phones, the MB3 player and DVD player in addition to portable computers and Electrical household appliances in general fill the streets and stores of the city of Kuala Lumpur, especially in the state of Malaysia as a whole as these electronic products are distinguished by their prices that are appropriate for all classes of society and all tourists and residents in the city as well, and one of the most important places that can be purchased from these devices Mall is none The famous Low Yat Plaza, which is located just behind the Melia Hotel.

Batik is also considered one of the most famous clothes that can be purchased from Kuala Lumpur, as it is handmade and available in various stores and shops, handicrafts and various shopping centers. It is known that batik is the fabric that is made from wax to make different patterns on The fabric is then dyed in various colors to produce wonderful and stunning designs, and it is known that the Malaysian batik is considered one of the most important and famous types of batik in the world as it is considered better than Thai batik and its forms are always with different flowers and plants.

And among the most important things that can be visited also in this city are the flexible and different metal alloys, which are found in a large number in souvenir shops and souvenirs and are also found in the local markets in Kuala Lumpur as they are considered one of the most important wonderful craft products as there are some The stores are specialized in selling them, and it is also worth noting that the Royal Selangor is considered one of the most important producers of Pewter in the world as it has many different and wonderful metal decors.

One of the most important results of the spread of the Chinese community in the entire country of Malaysia is that there are many different stores in Kuala Lumpur that sell Chinese medicines and herbs as well and which are used in the treatment of many diseases, including asthma, headache and stomach pain, all of this besides The most important Chinese spices and herbs that are used in the preparation of food. It is also worth noting that the Jalan Petaling Market in Chinatown is considered one of the most important centers for selling Chinese products and various medicines for Chinese civilization.

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