The state of Malacca is considered one of the most important tourist states and it is known that it is one of the most beautiful states of Malaysia where there are many civilizations as it is filled with a history full of many different historical events as it is now one of the most important tourist states in Malaysia where it has been built and founded by the Prince Sumerian Barra Miswara, who met with this establishment in the year 1440 AD, as he was ruling at that time this charming tourist state, which was since ancient times one of the most important major trading centers and under the rule of the Sultanate of Malaga at that time, where many commercial people flocked to it from all Around the world Why not, especially the states of China and India, and the most famous merchants in the Arab Gulf states and all Arab countries, but soon the Portuguese army invaded the state of Malacca until it was able to seize it and impose its full control over it and that was in the year 1511 AD, but after More than a hundred years have passed under the Portuguese occuAl Bahahn. The Dutch army pursued the Portuguese army in the occuAl Bahahn of this state as well, which was in 1641 as a result of many massacres, civil wars and conflict between the two countries over this charming state, which made it now one of the most important regions Tourism that the tourist would like to visit because of the following: For many important dates which represent the state of Malacca, its culture and the development that has occurred in it from ancient times to the present day,

The stadium, which is the famous German edifice, which is a very distinctive sign of the state of Malacca, as it was built and established in 1650 as it was the official place and the main residence of the Dutch ruler and his soldiers, and that was during the period of the Dutch occuAl Bahahn in the history of the Greater Malacca state, As this place is considered one of the most important and most beautiful examples that present Dutch architecture in the time of the Dutch occuAl Bahahn, which lasted from the year 1641 AD to the year 1669 AD, and this great edifice is one of the oldest and most ancient installations of the Dutch civilization that was built and It is established in the southeastern region of Asia and in the continent Asia and the entire Far East.

As this great edifice has been built on top of the city plateau, which is located in the heart of the tourist state of Malacca, this huge building is one of the most important features of the city that highlights the features and splendor of Dutch architecture at that time of time as it also displays in its design a wonderful history Female geography, which is known as the science of the study of peoples in terms of description in addition to the ancient history that the state celebrates and which highlights most of the historical wars that occurred for the Dutch and for the Portuguese before them.

It is worth noting that this giant museum is the museum of the Stadeus or the ancient German edifice has been divided into several sections that display some of the properties of the Dutch governor at that time and it also has the famous democratic base, and there is also the section of Dutch literature, as It includes many other departments that distinguish this state, the state of Malacca, and is an important point in this state, which is a true tourist beacon for most Dutch citizens and many tourists who love history all over the world.

And this museum also includes a lot of traditional wedding costumes and clothes that were prevalent at that time also, and there are some important and sacred relics of the tourist state of Malacca, which reaches almost four hundred years old, and accuracy has been investigated and Perfection in the architectural design of this great museum, as it provides the most accurate details and information about all the exhibits in this busy museum, which include many historical events that have occurred in the history of the tourist state of Malacca, and it is worth noting that you can access this museum The Golden Road to Kuta Street Tourist located in the middle of the old state of Malacca, as it is located in the square, which is characterized by its charming red color.

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