I have always dreamed of traveling without going through all the stages of waiting, crowding and the endless security measures that we suffer before boarding the plane, of course this is what Los Angeles International Airport did after creating a new distinctive station that enjoys luxury in different dimensions, as the VIP figures can Mission and Wealthy People Enjoy an unparalleled travel experience from the moment you arrive at the airport, to taking off on board.
The idea of ​​private suites is due to the private investigator and security advisor for the stars and celebrities Gavin de Becker, after he transformed a large freight facility into 11 private rooms, each with an area of ​​250 square feet.
These suites feature views of the runway, as well as luxurious and elegant design. The suites include a comfortable living room with armchairs and sofas, as well as a large TV screen, a private en suite bathroom, and a mini bar providing drinks and snacks.

It provided the suite with the personal and important needs of travelers, such as hygiene supplies, necessary medicines, international chargers, power cables, neck pillows, and others.
In accordance with the policy of the private wing, a specific time is allocated for each guest at the checkpoint, so that VIP travelers do not cause a congestion in airport security, and in order to provide an exclusive experience, that allows visitors to relax without the need to meet or encounter any other travelers.
After completing the security and checkpoints, the guests of the booth will take a special “7 series” BMW, which will drive them 15 minutes into the flight runway, where passengers can board the plane using their ladder.
Although all of this seems very tempting and far-fetched, you have to remember that everything has its price .. And in this special hall, the price is very high! The annual membership fee for the suite is $ 7,500, in addition to an additional $ 2,500 per visit during a local trip, and $ 3,000 per international trip.

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