Dubai Artificial Islands Project

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Dubai Tourist City

Dubai is considered one of the most important tourist areas in the whole world, as it attracts tourists from all countries and nationalities because of its high-level urban areas in all respects, it is an economic, media and tourist city in addition to that it is a city that supports fashion, and it contains the largest man-made ports In the world, such as Port Rashid and Jebel Ali Port, which are major centers of maritime trade in Dubai, Dubai also hosts many international festivals, such as the Dubai International Film Festival that displays Indian and Arab films.

Dubai Artificial Islands Project

The artificial islands project of Dubai or what is called “Palm Islands”, which is one of the most wonderful technical real estate in the world, and one of the largest and greatest projects of artificial islands in the Middle East, which aims to make Dubai the first city in the world from both the tourist and investment sides, and was created by a company Nakheel for Real Estate Development and Investment, and with the support of the ruler of Dubai, His Highness Prince Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and the first stage of the project was the completion of the work of the first artificial island in Dubai which is the Palm Jumeirah island that added magic to the beaches of Dubai, while the second phase is the Palm Island project in Jebel Ali and Mesher And Palm Deira, and these two projects are larger than the Palm Jumeirah project, and these projects have contributed to achieving massive investments in all parts of the world.

How to create artificial islands

The process of establishing artificial islands began with the reclamation of some of the shallow water lands, and this method has been used previously in many different countries to construct resorts or airports, then part of the sea water that is located in front of the coasts is destroyed, and it is also possible to work on the artificial islands by expanding an already existing island Or an extension of a particular beach.
The Palm Company and the workers were keen on the project with it, using materials suitable for the marine environment. For example, the use of beach sand and rocks was used only to create the island of the world. It is worth noting that there must be a barrier to break the sea waves in the artificial islands, and this barrier is made of a solid dam Made of huge rocks that prevent the waves from reaching the coast of the islands, and the filling operations in these islands required a huge amount of sand and rocks, it was used in the formation of the island’s land more than 90 million cubic meters of sand, and the island of the world needed more than thirty million tons M N sand and rocks, and the cost of establishing the island of the world was more than 14 billion dollars, and it is expected that the cost of the Palm Island Jebel Ali will reach more than 20 billion dollars.

Tourism in the artificial islands of Dubai

The Palm Jumeirah and the World Islands captured the artificial projects of the Dubai Islands, on the admiration of the whole world, as well as some international sites specializing in tourist trends, impressed the tourists who came from different countries to visit these wonderful projects, and Palm Jumeirah, the World Islands and Burj Al Arab ranked first in the list of more 10 artificial islands attractive and dazzling in the world during several years in a row, and possibly for the next. The Palm Islands were chosen in the forefront of the seven wonders of the artificial islands by the global travel site “Travel Plus”. The Palm Jumeirah and the World Islands were distinguished by the following:

  • Palm Jumeirah: This project includes the finest and most luxurious international hotels in which many important and well-known personalities can reside in the whole world. The Palm Jumeirah also owns Dubai Marine Beach Resort, and the resort complex provides a variety of sports, swimming pool, spa and other various facilities, with the possibility of obtaining a private cabana at Nassimi Beach in Palm Jumeirah for a distinct experience in beach lying, In addition, the Beaches at the Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Club, Marina Pavillion Athletic Club, Beach Club Kwai is the best by locals.
  • Globe World: It is in the form of a world map, and it consists of a group of archipelagos, and the distance between it and the beach is four kilometers, as it can be reached by riding boats or hovercraft, and the island of Lebanon is one of the islands of the world and it contains a club that hosts special events for companies and parties organized by personalities Prestigious.
  • Burj Al Arab island: The Burj Al Arab Island owns the prestigious Al Jazira Hotel, which took three years to build a thousand feet, and 900 feet from the beach, which ranks in the list of the best hotels in the world, and has received many and varied prizes.

Dubai Artificial Islands Project Challenges

The Dubai artificial islands project faces many different challenges, for example: finding real estate companies capable of implementing these giant projects, the huge material cost in establishing these islands and the lack of guaranteeing future special effects on the marine environment in the Arab Gulf region, and the impact of seawater filling on the destruction Coral reefs, and the technical difficulty in reducing the movement of sea water on the shores of artificial islands, in addition to the ability to provide huge amounts of sand and rocks.


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