Dubai International Airport (DXB) is the undisputed most important airport in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, as it is the first air hub in the Middle East, and one of the fastest growing airports around the world and one of the most crowded, with the number of passengers increasing by more than 15% every year since it opened in 1960 M.
The airport serves more than 65 million passengers annually with a capacity of up to 90 million passengers, and is working to transport about 2.2 million tons of cargo across the six continents, with expectations of reaching 4 million tons by the end of the current decade.
Dubai international airport

Below we place our hands on the most important points that relate to travelers during Dubai International Airport, starting from heading to the entrance gate, while at the airport, and even the plane’s independence and departure in the sky, for this article to serve as a comprehensive guide and reference for everyone who visits that wonderful airport.
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  • Airport location on the map
  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • Inside the airport and passenger terminals
  • The most important airlines in the airport
  • Airport flights
  • Things to do while at the airport
  • Airport instructions
  • Car rental at the airport
  • Hotels near

Dubai International Airport location on the map

The airport is located on the edge of the Arabian Gulf, northeast of Dubai, and is only about 2 kilometers from the city center. The following map shows the exact location on Google Maps:

Transportation to and from the airport

There are many private and public transportation means that enable you to reach the airport or depart from it to your intended destination in Dubai or any of the other Emirati cities, among which are available:

Private transportation

Private car: You can go to Dubai International Airport by private car and then park it in the secure and designated parking for long times until you return from travel, especially if you are a resident of the city.
Rented cars: You can rent a car in Dubai through one of the international companies that provide the service, such as the company Hertz, and take it to the airport, and then deliver it to the rental company through its offices located inside the airport.
You can also rent a car from the airport through the offices and representatives of those companies and take it to the city. To find out how to rent a car at Dubai Airport and the best companies that provide the service, you can move to the dedicated section by clicking here.
Taxi: Taxis are popular in Dubai and around the airport in abundance, and there are parking spaces for them in Dubai Airport. Terminal 3, Terminal 3. (Recommended option if it is the first time you visit Dubai)
Uber app: You can order a car with a driver via the Uber car reservation app to take charge of connecting you to the airport or any other destination and take the trouble off you. For more information click Here To visit Uber’s official website. (Recommended option if it is the first time you visit Dubai)

Public Transport

You can move between the airport and all parts of the city and the rest of the other Emirati cities through the public transportation available in abundance, including the metro and public buses, and here are the most important details about it:
The metro: You can reach from the airport to the city center and many other destinations, or vice versa using the Dubai Metro. To use all public transportation, you need to purchase one of the categories Nol cards Whether silver, golden, blue or red tickets.
The starting point of the metro (station) to the city varies according to the number of the passenger terminal in which you are located, as follows:
If you are in Terminal 2: It will be a station “Abu Hail” Closest to you, as away from Terminal 2 less than 2 km away, you can reach it by taxi in approximately 5 minutes if the road is not crowded. You can also use the following map:

If you are in Terminal 1 or 3: You can directly access to Dubai Metro Red Line Which passes about 29 stations heading to Rashidiya and Jebel Ali. You can follow the airport signs to reach the station easily.
For more information and to know all the details about Dubai Metro, how to use it and all the areas it passes, you can follow the following article .. Read more
Public buses: Public bus stops are available across all passenger terminals, and these stops connect the airport with many popular areas of Dubai. For more information about bus routes or to see their schedules, you can visit the official website of the RTA by clicking Here

Rent a car at Dubai International Airport

There is a large group of international companies that provide you with car rental services at Dubai International Airport, below we show the best 5 of those companies that we recommend, and that you can book one of their cars online through the site Rental cars Famous and receive it directly upon arrival at the airport:

Hz : The best car rental company in Dubai International Airport according to customer reviews, it has got a rating of 7.8 / 10 for the quality of the service provided and the condition of its excellent cars. The company’s offices are located in the passenger terminal 1,2 and … read more

Dollars The second best car rental company at the airport, I got a rating of 7.6 / 10 for employee cooperation, ease of procedures and cleanliness of cars. Its offices are located in Dubai Airport. Passenger terminals 1,2,3… read more

Sixt One of the best car rental providers, rated 7.4 / 10 from tested customers on very good condition of cars. Its office is located in the terminal 1 Arrival … read more

Car rental at Dubai airportBudget : From the world leader in rental cars, it got a rating of 7.1 / 10 by more than 2000 tested clients. Its office is located in the terminal 1 Arrival … read more

Avis A leading car rental company worldwide, rated 6.7 / 10 by more than 500 customers at Dubai International Airport. The company’s offices are located in the passenger terminals 1,2,3 and the arrival … read more

Learn how to get to the offices of those companies in the three passenger buildings and how to receive the car in addition to a large group of other companies by following an article on the most important tips before renting a car at Dubai International Airport .. Read more

Inside the airport

After reaching the airport, you can move between the three terminals using the free buses available around the clock in the designated stops in front of each building. You can also use the Dubai Metro red line to move from Terminals 1 to Terminal 3 and back.
Each building represents the starting and arrival point of flights for a group of airlines. Below we will learn how to get to those buildings and companies that exist in each of them:
Terminal 1: Also known as the Sheikh Rashid Building, it accommodates more than 20 million passengers annually, and operates all airlines with the exception of Emirates and Qantas. It can be reached via the Dubai Metro red line or airport buses.
The following map shows the location of Terminal 1 at the airport:

Terminal 2: It can be reached from the main road of the airport, through which flydubai flights and other economical airlines operate.
The following map shows the location of Terminal 2 at the airport:

Terminal 3: Also known as the Emirates Airlines building, it is the largest passenger terminal in the airport in the world, through which flights of Emirates Airlines (Emirates Airlines) and Qantas are carried out. It can be reached via airport buses or the Dubai Metro red line.
The following map shows the location of Terminal 3 of the airport, and to view it:

You can check the building number of flights coming to Dubai airport or depart according to the airline that was booked with it through the airport’s official website by pressing Here To take a tour inside the airport and know the locations of buildings and services more accurately, click Here

The most important airlines are the airport

Through Dubai International Airport, flights are made to more than 140 international airlines, the most prominent of which are:

Emirates Airlines: the largest operator of the Airbus A380 giant aircraft, providing service to 120 destinations around the world, and it takes the terminal 3 terminal at the airport as its center of operations.

Flydubai: One of the national Emirates airlines has been providing low cost flights to more than 12 destinations around the world, and it is taking Terminal 2 as its center of operations.

Turkish Airlines: One of the national Turkish airlines, providing services to more than 290 destinations around the world, and flights are carried out through Terminal 1 of Dubai International Airport.

Gulf Air: One of the Bahraini national airlines, providing services to more than 40 destinations around the world, and flights are carried out through Terminal 1.

Flynas: one of the most famous Saudi private airlines, operating on a low-cost aviation system, and flying at Dubai International Airport via Terminal 1.

Saudi Airlines: The Saudi National Aviation Company provides its services among more than 100 destinations around the world, and its flights are carried out at Dubai International Airport through Terminal 1.

Dubai International Airport flights

The airport provides flights connecting Dubai with more than 260 destinations around the world, and the most important destinations and trips provided by:

  • Flights from Dubai to Kuwait Kuwait
  • Flights from Dubai to Beirut Lebanon
  • Flights from Dubai to Doha Qatar
  • Flights from Dubai to Geneva, Switzerland
  • Flights from Dubai to Manama Bahrain
  • Flights from Dubai to Cairo Egypt
  • Flights from Dubai to Berlin Germany
  • Flights from Dubai to Lyon France
  • Flights from Dubai to Vienna Austria
  • Flights from Dubai to Seattle, United States

The most important airport regulations and laws

  • Generally, it is allowed to carry only two bags per passenger, but only on condition that they weigh more than 32 kg. There are also exceptions according to the airline and the class of travel, so please see the details of the airline that was booked with.
  • Luggage must be repackaged in bulk. She is also paid a fee like excess baggage.
  • It is forbidden to carry liquid containers exceeding 100 milliliters in hand luggage, except for medicines, infant formula and special dietary requirements. The passenger must place these containers in resealable plastic bags and then place them in hand luggage.
  • Bags must have at least one flat side, and some types of bags are prohibited, as shown below.

Please see all regulations and laws by visiting the official website of the airport by clicking Here

Dubai International Airport departures

Things to do while at the airport

Dubai International Airport is not only an air center, but there is a lot to discover inside while you are at the airport, especially if you have a transit flight and have ample time, so this is an opportunity to do some activities such as:
Shopping: With over 34,000 square meters of duty free retail stores at Dubai International Airport, you can enjoy a great shopping experience with electronic devices, cosmetics, books, toys and gifts.
Relaxation: In the quiet corner of the airport in Terminal 3, close to gates B7 and B27, Zain Gardens is where you can spend some fun time reading or browsing social media while children enjoy playing in the designated area.
Sleep: You must take a break after a stressful flight and before setting off on the next transit flight, so the airport includes sleeping cubes or snows cube, where each cube contains a bed in addition to TV and free Wi-Fi and is completely soundproof. These cubes can be rented by the hour at Dubai International Airport, arriving at Terminal 1.
How much airport in Dubai

Hotels near Dubai International Airport

There are dozens of luxury Dubai hotels near the airport, below we recommend the best three for you based on thousands of positive reviews from Arab guests who have previously experienced accommodations.

Dubai International Terminal Hotel

One of the best 5-star hotels in the United Arab Emirates, located in the transit area inside the airport, just 100 meters from Terminal 1 Metro Station. It features clean rooms with comfortable modern furniture and distinctive decorations. It also provides its guests with the finest facilities such as swimming pools and fitness centers.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel has received about 7400 great reviews about both location, staff, place cleanliness and quiet atmosphere.

Dubai International Airport Hotel

Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai

It is a luxury and business preferred hotel, classified as 4 stars, and enjoys a great location just 2 minutes drive from the airport. It also provides its guests with free buses to and from the airport every 40 minutes. It contains rooms with colorful colors and comfortable furniture … Read more
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel received more than 4,250 very good reviews about the location, room size, bed comfort, food and hygiene.

Dubai International Airport hotels

Premier Inn Hotel

One of the best 3-star hotels in Dubai, just 10 minutes away from the airport by car. It provides a free transportation service to and from the airport every half an hour to all passenger buildings. It features rooms with simple décor that carry elegance.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
Guests have given more than 11,000 very good reviews about the hotel’s features such as staff, location and services.

Dubai International Airport arrival

To see more of Dubai hotels in the best tourist areas of Dubai, follow the following article with us … Read more

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