Do you love wildlife? Have you ever dreamed or entered wildlife and see its details up close. Do you watch animals on TV, their life, and their daily practices? We often hear about endangered animals or rare animals, and we hope to see these animals up close. All of this has become a reality and you can enjoy them simply. You can see all this and enjoy the views of these animals, and this time you will not enjoy watching them from behind bars as we used to We see it in zoos, but you will see it practicing its life in its natural way and enjoy it all this and more than that in the Dubai Safari Park and in this article we will explain the details of the park and the size of the fun that you will feel when you visit it.

Dubai safari park the largest zoo

  • The cost of the Dubai Safari was about 41 million pounds sterling, or the equivalent in the UAE currency, 150 million dirhams, and the park was opened to the public at the end of 2016.
  • Dubai Safari Park is one of the largest zoos in the world and the park has been designed according to the latest and highest international standards and the park is located in the city of Al Warqa next to the Dragon Market.
  • Dubai Safari includes many animals from around the world with a number close to 1000 species, and care has been taken to provide the park with many endangered animals, and the number of these animals has reached about 350 species.
  • The design of the garden and the techniques used therein are close to the world, as the garden is comparable to those in San Diego, famous in Singapore, Germany and Austria.
  • The garden depends on an operating system called the hybrid operation system, and all the methods used in the garden have been adopted on environmentally friendly methods that rely on recycling in general for all facilities, including water, waste, and even animal dung, etc. Also, the garden depends on its energy on systems Solar energy, which depends on absorbing energy from the sun’s rays throughout the day and converting it into electrical energy, enough to work the entire garden.
  • The garden was provided with places designated for visitors to provide them with the desired comfort as well as special places for this predator, in addition to making sure to provide the garden with a large number of shrubs and various types of plants, including numbers of rare plants, in order to provide visitors with a wonderful view that complements the natural picture.
  • As for the places designated for animals, it was relied on the latest international technologies that provide animals with a suitable environment for life and reproduction as their original environment. Among these techniques is to provide the garden with special cages with temperatures that suit each type of animal separately, in addition to choosing some types of air-conditioned rocks. To suit some types of animals that live in cold environments, such as bears, and some types of artificial lakes that have been provided with special conditioners in order to provide certain temperatures commensurate with the animals residing in them.
  • The park includes a number of recreational places, including a golf course, a butterfly garden, and other plants, as well as private dining halls, in addition to private parking spaces, and these places accommodate about 3,500 cars.
  • The park has a number of separate places called the Arabian Safari, the African continent, the Asian continent, the open safari and the valley

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