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Dubai Tourist Islands

There are in the Emirate of Dubai, one of the Emirates of the United Arab Emirates, many of the tourist islands that attract many visitors to them from all over the world, especially from the people of the Arab Gulf, and these islands provide a large group of distinguished tourism services at the global level, and the most prominent of these islands are:

Sir Bani Yas

It is one of the natural islands in the Emirate of Dubai, and the largest in terms of area in the United Arab Emirates, and is located 250 kilometers to the southwest of the capital Abu Dhabi, and is a point of transit for the other neighboring islands, and its establishment dates back to 1971 AD, by Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and what attracts the visitor most to it is that it is home to thousands of animals that live near water such as: Arabian oryx, Reem gazelle, human, giraffe, lynx, and leopards, as it is distinguished for its large group of plants and trees.

What increases its tourist importance is that it is devoted as a wildlife sanctuary, and the practice of tourist activities by visitors, such as: safari trips, adventures, mountain biking, snorkelling in water, shooting practice, and recently a Christian monastery dating back to 600 AD has been discovered and is considered the only one in Dubai and the Emirates.

the moon

It is located twenty nautical miles in the opposite part of the coast of Dubai, and it is called this name because it takes the shape of the crescent (one of the phases of the moon), and is considered a tourist destination, especially for people who prefer to take an adventure trip, as they can do this around the clock, These trips are described as distinctive, as they provide an atmosphere far from the daily routine.

Palm Jumeirah

It is considered the smallest of the artificial islands among the palm islands in terms of area, and what distinguishes it is that it takes the form of a palm tree that consists of three parts: the trunk, the crown, and the seventeen fronds of the fronds, surrounded by a barrier that takes the form of a semicircle, and gain its tourist importance from being a region to a larger gathering Airships on seven continents, as well as the headquarters of the global ship RMS Queen Mary 2.

the world

The world consists of three hundred artificial islands characterized by its small size, and includes a group of private homes, luxury, and resorts, and this increases its tourist importance, as it overlooks the Burj Al Arab and Port Rashid, to form a destination with a breathtaking view that fascinates the viewer.

Mount on

The construction date for this artificial island dates back to the year 2002 AD, and although it was planned to be completed during the year 2008 AD, it was halted to be completed later, and the island contains many important tourism services such as: hotels, resorts And parks, marinas, and more than its tourist importance, houses built on stilts above water which are considered one of the most beautiful scenery that fascinates everyone who looks at them.

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