Dubai Zoo

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Dubai Zoo

The zoo in Dubai is considered one of the oldest zoos built in the United Arab Emirates and the Arabian Gulf as a whole, and the zoo in Dubai has distinguished from other parks since its inception since it contains a number of rare animals, which are difficult to find in any of the other zoos, which is what Make it the first destination for families and animal enthusiasts, and we will talk about this garden in terms of its location, dates of visit, and the most important animals in it.


There is a zoo in Jumeirah, which is one of the beautiful neighborhoods in Dubai, you can go there using a taxi or private vehicles, where you are twenty minutes from the city center using the available transportation – except for crowding hours – and from the inner train of Dubai, it does not stop at this station.

Visit dates

Dubai Zoo opens its doors every day of the week, from ten in the morning until six o’clock in the evening, no longer on Tuesday, so the weekly holiday for the park will be, and the park imposes entry fees paid by visitors before entering the park at the entrance door, and the park attracts large numbers of residents Locals and visitors during the weekend due to the low fees, as the fees are two dirhams for adults and children over two years of age, while children under this age are not paid any fees.

animal species

Dubai Zoo includes about 230 different types of animals, most of them are mammals, including monkeys, deer, and predatory animals such as tigers, hyenas, bears, and giraffes, in addition to some rare animals such as the Bengal tiger, the Arabian wolf, and the golden eagle. Over 400 different reptiles and turtles. Dubai Zoo seeks to achieve all the environmental conditions necessary for the different animals and birds in the park to allow them to breed and breed, and also employed a full team of experts in the animal world and ways to reproduce to help achieve this with good results.

Garden cleanliness

Garden cleaning officials take advantage of the morning hours to clean the garden from animal waste and visitors’ waste by following a daily program to achieve periodic garden cleaning without neglecting any part of it, making sure to finish cleaning before the park opens its doors at ten o’clock, and on Tuesday it is completed It includes various maintenance works for the garden, sterilizing the animal’s dormitories and eating places, especially the carnivores, such as the lions and the cat family.


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