Dubai’s best malls guide

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Dear reader, we talk to you about the best malls in Dubai, through our article today from Arab travelers, as this charming city has become one of the global tourist destinations that thousands of visitors come to annually, as it includes a lot of wonderful and attractive places of view.
It provides recreational services in all its forms, from gardens, amusement parks, tourist resorts, and ski places, and features a number of historical monuments, in addition to the possibility of staying in the most luxurious hotels that offer you many privileges.
Nobody goes to that emirate and does not see the Dubai fountain dancing on music, whose waters reach tens of meters high, in addition to the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest and highest tower in the world.
Also known about the city of Dubai that it has a lot of shopping centers that include the most important brands and international brands, in addition to a lot of restaurants and cafes, and we will talk in some detail about those places during the following lines, so follow us.

Dubai’s best malls guide

The Dubai Mall

It is considered the largest shopping mall in the world, it includes more than 1200 stores with the best brands, in addition to containing more than 150 restaurants, and a cafe that you can sit on one of them, and eat your favorite food or drink.
It is a huge shopping mall, with a cinema inside, a water show, an ice rink, and more.
It is located on Financial Center Street – Dubai City.
You can contact the mall officials on the phone number 800382246255
If you have questions about anything, you can contact them via the following e-mail: [email protected] You can also see more information and details about the services of this mall through this link.

Emirates Mall

It is one of the major shopping malls that are located inside Dubai, as it has many different international stores, and a cinema with multiple screens, in addition to the presence of a ski center.
In this place, shopping is the beginning. This place is considered a huge tourist destination. You can buy whatever you want, eating the best foods and enjoying the entertainment services. There you will find many activities that you can do in one place without going to more than one place.
You can go to it through this address:
Al Barsha – Sheikh Zad Street – Dubai City.
You can contact them through the phone number 044099000
You can view more information about this mall by visiting its website by this link.
The shops are open from Sunday to Wednesday from ten in the morning, until twelve after midnight.
As for Thursday and Saturday, from ten in the morning until one in the evening.
The restaurants that are in this mall are open all day of the week from ten in the morning, until one in the evening.
To know the rest of the dates of the places inside the mall, you can see this link.

Dubai Festival City Mall

This mall is located on Al Hilal Road – Dubai City.
You can contact the officials of this mall on the phone number 800332
And if you want to know more information and activities in this mall, you should visit its website through this link.

Ibn Battuta Mall

It is one of the major commercial centers that exists in Dubai, and it contains about 270 stores, in addition to 50 restaurants, as well as a cinema that owns 21 screens.
In addition to many other services provided to citizens.
If you want to visit him, you can go to him via this address: – Sheikh Zayed Road – near Junction 6 of the village of Jebel Ali – Dubai City.
You can learn more information about this mall, and what is inside it, by clicking on this link.

Other malls in Dubai

  • Deira City Center
  • Burjuman
  • Mercato Shopping
  • City Walk Dubai
  • Wafi Mall

These were the most prominent and best malls that exist in the city of Dubai, and of course there are a number other than what we have brought to you with the previous lines, and you can get to know them via search engines, and then go to visit them.


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