Konigzali Street is one of the most prominent landmarks of the city and is the most elegant shopping street in the city with an eclectic mix of private shops, luxury shopping arcades, art galleries, as well as distinctive restaurants and cafes. Konigzali stretches along the sides of the Old Town trench, 31 meters long, decorated with flowering trees and ends in the astonishing Triton Navarro.

The charm of the River Rhine dominates the city, which has a Mediterranean flavor due to the long corniche furnished with restaurants, cafes and shops, and it connects to the city center via the Oberkassel Bridge and the trees line it to form hiking trails and bicycles. Close to it is the most popular Nordpark in Dusseldorf, where green lawns intersect with magnificent night gardens. The Japanese Garden features an amazing landscape, and the Aquapo Lubeck Museum, which offers distinctive historical offerings for children to enjoy.

The old city of Dusseldorf still maintains its splendor and authenticity, and is surrounded by the large town hall “Rathaus” by Knight John William II, which was built in 1711 next to the river bank Sklostrum, which includes the old tower that contains the Sheffertzmuseum Museum, which is one of the best and oldest marine museums in Germany and the world, as well as the Ehrenhof region which is home to the Tonhall Dome and is the oldest concert hall in the world.

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