Eating prices in Greece in detail

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In this article, we will deal with a topic on food prices in Greece, Greece is one of the most important tourist destinations around the world, because it is rich in monuments, islands and picturesque natural places, and throughout the year receives thousands of tourists from different nationalities who want to spend their vacation in this charming country amid nature Beautiful, and in our article on Arab travelers we will provide you with a guide to the prices of food and drinks in Greece.

Eating prices in Greece

Meal prices

  • The price of a meal in inexpensive restaurants is about $ 11.
  • In mid-level restaurants, the price of a two-person meal is $ 36.
  • Fast food in Greece costs $ 8.30.

Food prices

  • On the price of a loaf of fresh white bread, it reaches $ 0.98.
  • The price of a box of 12 eggs is $ 3.30.
  • The price of a kilo of local cheese is about $ 8.70, and white cheese has a price of one kilo of $ 0.83.
  • A kilogram of white rice is priced at $ 1.70.
  • The price of a kilo of chicken is $ 9.80, and chicken breasts without skin and bone are $ 7.20.
  • A kilogram of beef is about $ 9.90, and a sausage is $ 20.
  • With regard to fruit prices, the price of a kilo of apples reaches $ 1.50, oranges are $ 1.10, bananas are $ 1.60, and pears are $ 1.80.
  • On the price of vegetables, the price of a kilo of choice is $ 1.10, tomatoes are $ 1.90, the price of one lettuce reaches 0.83, potatoes $ 1.10, and onions $ 0.86.

Drink prices

  • The price of a 1.5 liter water bottle is $ 0.85, and $ 0.55 for a 0.33 liter bottle.
  • As for a kilo of milk, its price is about $ 1.30 per liter.
  • The price of a Coca-Cola and Pepsi 0.33 liter bottle is $ 1.80.
  • A regular cappuccino cup is $ 3.20, and coffee is $ 2.30.

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