Educational tourism

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Definition of educational tourism

Educational tourism (in English: Educational tourism) is defined as a sub-type of the travel and tourism sector, and is considered as an approach to continuing education, carrying out research activities, and acquiring knowledge. Educational tourism is called a number of other names, such as: job development, improving the career path, or the experience of achieving Self, and there is no specific age for a person who wants to acquire knowledge through educational tourism.

The importance of educational tourism

Educational tourism is one of the best ways to help students and adults gain a good perspective around the world, and helps in obtaining new cultures and experiences, as traveling to different countries develops individual information about the countries he visits, by communicating with the indigenous population, or the visitor center, Get to know their culture, visit their favorite areas, and there are many types of educational tours, such as: museum tours, art galleries, historical sites, and local parks. The educational tourism sector can also become a major educational model, adding value to society by increasing the level of education and creating new economic opportunities.

Benefits of educational tourism

There are many benefits to educational tourism, and here are some of these benefits:

  • Better academic performance: Educational tourism assists students in obtaining various and varied teaching methods.
  • Global perspective: Educational tourism encourages students to expand their visions of the world, and to learn about the cultures and history of different societies.
  • Confidence: Educational tourism can help students adapt to living in different environments and cultures, contributing to building their futures, developing their confidence, and meeting life’s challenges.
  • Communication: Educational tourism provides students with a global network of contacts and, as it works to open new directions for life-long communication.
  • new friends: Cultural immersion during tourism helps to break down language barriers, as exploring new areas opens doors for relationships and fosters new friendships while traveling.


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