Effects of Babylon

المسافرون العرب

Effects of Babylon

Babel contains many monuments, most notably:

  • The Great Temple of Marduk: And Murdoch is the first and most famous deity in Babylon, where this temple was named after him, knowing that he was connected to the Tower of Babylon, and it is worth noting that there are other temples other than in Babylon.
  • Ziggurat or Babylon Tower: It is a base tower with a width of 91 meters, as it consists of seven layers, and the last layer is a smooth layer with a blue color.
  • Ishtar Gate: King Nebuchadnezzar the second built a wall around Babylon, and made eight gates in it, where he dedicated one of these gates to Ishtar (the gods of love, and the war at the Babylonians); it is a gate built in blue stone, with very beautiful drawings and engravings, knowing that they are now in the Pergamon Museum In Berlin.
  • Hanging Gardens: It is believed that it was a palace built by the Chaldeans, where its terraces were planted with plants, flowers, and trees in the form of layers, then left to hang downward; to appear as if they were suspended in the air, and it is worth noting that these gardens were considered one of the seven wonders of the world.
  • Statue of the Lion of Babylon: This statue was restored by a group of archaeologists, and although they modified its platform using cement, they did not alter anything on the statue of the lion.
  • Hammurabi’s Obelisk: It is a huge slab of dark-colored basalt stone (known as the obelisk), reaching a height of eight feet, where the laws of King Hammurabi were engraved on it, and they are very binding laws, and it is worth noting that the obelisk was shown to all people; until they were applied, and implemented these laws, they do not claim They don’t know it, and this painting was discovered in the year one thousand nine hundred and one, and it was transferred to the Louvre Museum in Paris.


Babylon is one of the most famous ancient cities that overlook the remains of the Euphrates River, south of Baghdad, especially near the city of Hilla in Iraq. It is noteworthy that the dry desert climate prevails, with temperatures in excess of 40 percent, in the summer, and with regard to the winter, it witnesses a limited rainfall between November and April.

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The name Babel

Babylon was the capital of the Chaldean state in the region of Mesopotamia, during the period of the two centuries: the seventh and sixth before Christmas, where many names are given, such as: Babylon, or Pablo, or Bab Ilam, as it is called in the Hebrew Pavel, and in the Arabic language the ruins of Babylon .

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