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Egypt’s tourist and historical attractions

Egypt is an Arab country located in North Africa and has a simple extension in the continent of Asia as the Sinai Island is located within the continent of Asia, and the area of ​​Egypt reaches 1002000 km2 and a population of 91087683 people, the Arabic language is the official language for it, and the Islamic religion is the official religion of the state, and it is known Egypt is a place for ancient and modern civilizations. There is the Pharaonic civilization, which is famous for it. It is also a country full of tourist and historical places that the visitor does not tire of visiting and getting to know.

The most important historical and tourist attractions in Egypt

The pyramid of Khufu

It is one of the properties of King Khufu, with an area of ​​54 square meters and a height of 137 meters. Six million tons of stones were used in its construction. This king used the theory of buoyancy, hydraulic levers and ascending wells to raise stone blocks that sometimes weighed more than 55 tons.

Khafre’s Pyramid

It is one of the pyramids in Giza. It was built by King Khafra, the son of King Khufu, with an area of ​​215 meters, while its height is 136 meters. There are two entrances on the northern side that the visitor can enter and see the engineering and architectural art in its construction.

The pyramid of Menkaure

It is a pyramid of Giza pyramids built by King Menkaure, Ibn al-Malik Khafra, each of its sides is 5108 meters long and 65.5 meters high, 4 meters above the ground, it was built of limestone, and the roof is made of granite.


The Sphinx is located in Giza, and is still one of the strangest Egyptian Pharaonic monuments, and its construction remained a mystery that baffled engineers and scholars, and according to the prevailing belief, King Khafre is the one who built the Sphinx due to the similarity between the face of King Khafra and the face of the Sphinx, and the length of the statue is 70 m Its height is 20 meters, and the one who looks at its shape finds that it combines the shape of a lion with a human being.

Karnak Temple

It is an ancient temple located in Luxor that was dedicated to the god Amun. It was completed by Ramses II, with an area of ​​about 60 acres. It was called the Temple of Karnak after the Islamic conquest, as Karnak means the fortress.

Abu Simbel Temple

It consists of two temples carved in the mountain on the western side of the Nile in the period between 1290-1224 BC. At the entrance to the temple there are four huge statues of King Ramesses the Second and each one reaches a height of 20 m. Besides these statues there are small statues that are of Queen Toya or King Ramses, his wife, Queen Nefertari, and some of their children.

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