Today is our trip today to and around the Eiffel Tower ..

Of course, there is no person who visits Paris but passes on the Eiffel Tower because he is the first and greatest teacher of Paris and all of France
The seat in this place is very beautiful for taking pictures
But in many people, he loves the atmosphere of the public park, or I just visit a place and meet a landmark.

Most of our trips are limited by a period of travel and we leave two days to explore the place.
Indeed, when we visited the Eiffel Tower, they used to drive the bicycles that Arbana saw. They distributed the right papers in various places close to the Eiffel Tower .. And we have come to see that they have given us a paper on them about the Paris Aquarium .. And we are one of the very type who loves such places
When we saw the map, a relative came out of the Eiffel Tower, and we were passing by our patriarch, and we did not know what we generally decided to leave.

Ticket prices ..
The adult is 20 euros
Children 13 euros
Aquarium site ..
Paris Aquarium
The Aquarium’s location on Google Maps
aquarium paris
The Aquarium is very small … but there is a place to spend a good time.
But it is not the place that deserves the force of the visit … I mean, if you pass the Eiffel Tower, you will not lose a look
And when you look up from the aquarium, you can respond, to Eiffel, and what you see around the wonderful fountain

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