The islands of the Emirates are known internationally as one of the most important tourist destinations in the Middle East, as they have many tourism ingredients that make them a golden choice, especially with the entry of the autumn season, which is characterized by beautiful and pleasant weather.

Best hotels in UAE

The Emirates has a distinguished group of the finest hotels, which vary in its rankings, but they all agree in providing the most beautiful accommodations equipped with the latest facilities while providing the finest services to their guests. Below we will display a list of the best hotels in the Emirates cities according to the reviews of Arab visitors .. Read more

Best hotels in UAE

The most famous tourist island in the Emirates

One of the most beautiful features of the UAE is that unique group of islands, and the most important thing that we address now are the tourist islands in the Emirates, which provide the best views and the best facilities for visitors to enjoy the distinct facilities within each of them, and below we will take you on a wonderful tour to get to know the most famous Emirates islands .

Yas Island Abu Dhabi

The most famous Emirates Islands located on the coasts of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and gained its fame for appearing in many international cinematographic films, as it possesses many facets of beauty, excellence and luxury, and amazing views.
Which includes the best activities between an award-winning golf course, Yas Race Circuit, the exciting Yas Waterworld, as well as interesting Ferrari worlds, and many entertainment facilities, making it one of the most beautiful islands of Abu Dhabi ..Read more
Islands in the Emirates tourist

Saadiyat Island Abu Dhabi

It is one of the finest tourist islands in the Emirates, known as the Cultural Island, Saadiyat is located in Abu Dhabi and features a unique collection of museums such as the Louvre Museum, Zayed National Museum, and the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Museum, in addition to its amazing beaches, Saadiyat Marina, and the huge and famous international shopping destinations … Read more

Islands in the Emirates

Dalma Island, Abu Dhabi

One of the most important tourist islands of the Emirates is a distinguished island located off the coast of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which is characterized by its charming nature and stunning views, and was once the largest commercial center for pearl trade, not only this but also was the main center for diving and pearl extraction from its waters .. Read more

Islands from the United Arab Emirates

Pearl Island Abu Dhabi

One of the finest tourist islands in the Emirates, which gives you the finest views between the abundant palm trees and golden sand dunes and hills, a world of a different kind, for those looking for peace and entertainment at the same time, this island, which is an important tourist center .. Read more

Islands in the Emirates tourist

Al Maryah Island Abu Dhabi

Al Maryah Island, which is one of the most important tourist destinations and the main business destination in the UAE, as it includes many entertainment facilities and famous shopping centers that are one of the tourist attractions on this island .. Read more

Islands in the Emirates tourist

Sir Bani Yas Island

Sir Bani Yas Island is considered a natural reserve for the beautiful wildlife, it is one of the most beautiful islands of the Emirates that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of interesting adventures, including many rare archaeological sites, including the only Christian monastery in the Emirates, dating back to the year 600 AD.
You can do fun leisure activities like safari trips, mountain biking and an adventure exploring the mountains of the island, diving in the waters of the Arabian Gulf, as well as shooting.
One of the wonders of the UAE, which consists of 8 desert islands located in the western region off the coast of Abu Dhabi, it contains a park that includes 10 thousand animals, and many stables of purebred Arabian horses, as well as providing comfort for its visitors from luxury hotels and distinguished services.

Islands in the Emirates

Zaya Nurai Island Abu Dhabi

Nurai Island is one of the best tourist islands in the Emirates, which has recently become the talk of many, so everyone who intends to return is taken by its picturesque nature, as it is a small island that stretches along the waters of the Arabian Gulf, and is considered a complete tourist resort.
It includes a group of hotels and chalets that provide everything that those looking for luxury and excellence need, as it compares with its beauty the most famous islands of the world that many tourists around the world seek, and it is the greatest haven to escape a little from the noise of the cities and congestion … Read more

Islands in the United Arab Emirates

Coral Island in Ras Al Khaimah

Al Marjan Island is the most important tourist icon in Ras Al Khaimah, and a unique tourist destination, which consists of four artificial islands that are designed in the form of coral reefs, where they are connected to each other through a network of modern methods, namely Al Naseem Island, Treasure Island, Al Matla Island, Dream Island .read more

Emirates Tourist Islands

Palm Jumeirah island

It is an artificial archipelago and part of a larger chain called the Palm Islands, and upon completion it will increase the length of Dubai’s coastline to 520 km.
The island is located opposite the Jumeirah coastal area of ​​the Emirate of Dubai, and is famous for high-rise hotels, luxury apartment towers, luxurious international restaurants, and lively nightlife, and is considered one of the best and most famous of the Dubai islands .. Read more

Dubai Islands

Moon Island

On one of the tourist islands of the Emirates, the island is characterized by its crescent shape, which represents a phase of the moon, and is a tourist destination for many tourists who come to it from different countries of the world.
Moon Island is 20 miles from the coast of Dubai, and the island is characterized by the adventure atmosphere that appears from its available activities, between mountain climbing, surfing, diving in clear turquoise waters, and many other fun activities.

Emirates Islands

Jebel Ali Island Dubai

The island of Jebel Ali is considered one of the most luxurious tourist islands of the Emirates, as it is one of the three artificial islands that have been designed in the form of palm trees, and more than the importance of this island unique views and scenes of its buildings built on stilts directly above the page of the Arabian Gulf.
The island contains many distinguished tourism services, which provide luxury for the island’s visitors, including hotels, resorts, marinas, and many interesting activities on this wonderful island.

The islands of the Emirates tourist country

Shark Island

One of the wonderful islands of the Emirates, which is an ideal spot for swimming and sunbathing, the waters of which are characterized by the diversity of fish, sea anemones and sea turtles, which makes diving an indescribable pleasure.
While divers flock to see the beautiful rock formations teeming with murray eel, you can take a small boat to the island, there are shacks on the beach, and also let you join the dive center and enjoy a fun underwater tour.

Islands in the Emirates tourist

Al Reem Island Abu Dhabi

Al Reem Island is the pearl of the Emirates tourist islands, which is famous for its splendor and wonderful architectural designs that closely resemble Stonehenge rocks, giving the island the luxury and splendor of the view.
Al-Reem is also the commercial, cultural and educational center that welcomed the construction of the first French higher education institution in the Gulf, which is the Sorbonne Abutabi, and it includes many aspects of entertainment and enjoyment, in addition to a group of distinguished hotels.

The islands of the Emirates tourist country

Al Futaisi Island Abu Dhabi

Futaisi Island is one of the finest tourist islands in the Emirates, which extends 50 km along the coast of Abu Dhabi, and one of the most prominent tourist attractions is the Futaisi Island Resort, which is surrounded by distinctive mangroves.
It includes a distinguished group of chalets, and offers various activities including fishing facilities, swimming pools, various restaurants, in addition to a zoo, and children’s playgrounds.

Islands from the UAE tourist country

The World Islands Dubai

They are small artificial islands that take the shape of a world map and number 300 close to each other, and they are different and varying in nature despite their proximity to each other, some of them are romantic in nature, and others are entertaining, full of fun activities, and some are calm for recreation lovers.
It also includes many high-end resorts, luxurious restaurants, and various fun activities on which to cater to the tastes of visitors to this island.

Islands in the Emirates tourist country

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