The Emirates is a developed country and cares for everything in private education and institutes, as well as the mobile restaurant and cafes, and it cares about the distinctive fuels for all cars, and last but not least, it cares for entertainment and places of entertainment, and the establishment of many places of entertainment and separate places in the Emirates, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi and many other places In a wonderful aesthetic to her, she created more than one zoo, including the virtual zoo in Dubai, including the zoo in Abu Dhabi, and we will talk about the content of each of the two parks.

Best entertainment places for children in Dubai:

Dubai Zoo:

The first virtual zoo in the Middle East, where the UAE always strives for excellence and sophistication, which makes it the first among Arab countries in education, luxury and all fields. This park was established in Dubai Mall and this project is one of the distinguished projects, and it was uniquely designed to make Visitors are very excited when watching what is in it, it is full of excitement and fun, and visitors can see all the animals present and all other things inside that park with virtual reality technology, which makes the visitor feel as if he lives with those animals as if inside a world full of animals, and he can Sees them in front of the visitor feels the excitement and fun at that time, and be done by wearing glasses to see the treatment of this form.
This park may make scenes for some areas, namely the Maldives, South Africa, Egypt, Uganda, Mafia Island and Australia, and the viewing for that view is 360 degrees so that the visitor can interact with all the contents of the park effectively three-dimensional, and this technique used in this garden led to a boil that exceeds the distance between visitors And among the animals that are close to extinction in this world.

Best places for children entertainment in Abu Dhabi:

Abu Dhabi Zoo:

In this recreational park, a visitor can follow the movements of exotic animals, and they can also take pictures with them, see the depths of the seas and discover many secrets of the seas. You and your family can enjoy, have fun and excitement in this park, as this park has become one of the most important parks that have become a tourist destination that attracts Visitors to it, the number of visitors annually has become nearly half a million visitors from all parts of the world, so let us know some of the animals in this garden and its contents that attract tourists to it.

Information about the Abu Dhabi Zoo:

First, its location:

This park is located in the city of Abu Dhabi, specifically in an area called Al Bahia east of Abu Dhabi city, the park is characterized by a bright and bright icon that illuminates the garden and sees its beauty, just as the park is located in a distinguished place as it is only 30 minutes away from the UAE capital by car, if the visitor He wants to go to it from the city of Dubai, as it is also only 45 minutes away from the Emirate of Dubai, which is why it is distinguished by its excellent location in the Emirates.

About the animals in the garden:

This park is distinguished because it enjoys the African side in terms of receiving visitors to African celebrations, as you feel that you are in a safari party for African forests and its picturesque beauty, and you are not present in the zoo in the city of Abu Dhabi, there are 1700 different types of animals in this park, as it includes some Of the animals that are close to extinction.
As it is present, it has been lost in this garden without any other zoo, and such white tigers are animals, and there is also a siberian bear that weighs more than 300 kilograms and is over 31 years old, and there are also distinct and varied types of beautiful birds in the garden, and another group From wild animals, and a variety of other predators and pets.
We find that this garden contains the largest reptile house at the level of the entire Emirates, and as we mentioned before that the garden includes a world from the depths of the sea and its secrets, it contains a sub garden called the “ocean” with a variety of fish found in the oceans, and there are many secrets You will know it about some animals, whether predators or pets, such as giraffes, monkeys, tigers, lions, elephants, and others.

Recreational places in the Abu Medical Zoo:

This garden was not a park with animals only and a world of fish, but there was a group of entertainment places that are characterized by splendor and sophistication, where many entertainment places are provided very attractive which makes the visitor for the first time to attract to this place, and return to it again, there is a resort Luxurious, distinctive and very attractive located in this spacious garden.
This place makes you spend the most beautiful holidays between the charming nature and the presence of animals that you love to see with your family, where you love fun and departure, and we do not stop at this point only, but this place also includes an integrated cultural center for students who want to enjoy their time in this charming debate, and there is also there An educational house to know the secrets of animals in the garden and the secrets of the extinction of animals that have gone extinct, and also to search for animal behaviors and learn a lot about them.
There are luxurious restaurants that are considered to be a recreational place for the whole family, and the children have not forgotten, so they will have their own care, attention to them throughout the presence in this garden, for a dental clinic and a very special nursery are provided, in addition to a special barber for them, and a medical clinic has been opened equipped with the latest equipment Global for children, providing spaces for play.
Just as ordinary children and those with special needs have been taken care of, attention is paid to them in language and science, as they grow positive values ​​and know negative values ​​to them and try to avoid them, and from these positive habits, cooperation, pleasure, respect, and harmony, all of this is done in an ideal environment for that through the nature that surrounds Children, in addition to some shops souvenirs, do not forget to take souvenirs for this wonderful place with everything in it.

Visit dates:

The park welcomes visitors on Sunday and Wednesday every week from nine in the morning until eight in the evening, as for Thursdays and Saturdays, it receives its guests from nine in the morning until nine in the evening, and calls on this entertainment resort for reservations or inquiries to call the phone number: 97125633100 +.

Garden ticket prices:

In spite of this garden, it is considered a resort with all its amenities, but the tickets were not an exaggerated thing, where a person who pays 25 UAE dirhams, and for children, the ticket is paid at a cheaper price, the price for children is 10 dirhams, and for children who did not At the age of six, they have free entry and can play and see animals for free.
This park is considered one of the largest picturesque African tourist resorts in terms of area, restaurants and places of entertainment, and in terms of fish that you can see clearly as if you are in the depths of the seas, and so that you can get to know all its secrets completely freely, in addition to the trip that is organized to that place for students so that they can search About these animals and their secrets through the cultural house with this picturesque garden that attracts visitors from all over the world.

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