Information emirgan korusu “Emir Kurosu Garden” in Istanbul is one of the most famous natural and romantic landmarks in Turkey, as it includes acres of a hundred types of flowers and plants, it is famous for tulip flowers that cover large areas of the garden as well as the presence of thousands of trees such as tall rice trees and pine trees There are a number of water fountains, streams and many industrial waterfalls. Here are more details for Arab travelers.

Emirgan korusu

The Emirgan korusu park is located in Sariyer district, close to the Istinya Park complex. Sariyer area is close to the sea and overlooks the Bosphorus Strait. The park to Khedive Ismail Pasha, the Ottoman ruler of Egypt and Sudan.

Area of ​​Emirgan Kurosu Park:

The garden area is about 117 acres so it is considered one of the largest public parks in Istanbul, and the garden contains more than 120 different types of plants, as it is famous for the tulips in all the garden arenas so this garden is closely related to the traditional tulip flowers, and in During the sixties period, a private garden was established inside Amirjan Park with the aim of reviving the city’s traditions of planting tulips, and since April 2005 an annual international festival of tulips has been organized.

Emirgan korusu:

  • This park is considered one of the most popular places for Turkish visitors and Arab tourists in order to relax and get some rest and enjoy the sounds of birds singing, where people go to eat breakfast and lunch, and many grooms go to in order to capture some videos And commemorative photos, as it is one of the most beautiful romantic places in Istanbul.
  • The garden blooms in the presence of huge numbers of rare trees such as pine, rice and camphor of all kinds. Therefore, there are many squirrel animals that inhabit inside these trees. It also sings the highest of the rarest and most beautiful birds of various types and sizes.
  • The garden includes three palaces of wood that still exist today and are the White Palace, the Yellow Palace and the Pink Palace, which were built during the reign of Khedive Ismail in order to reside in the resort, while it is now used as cafes and restaurants.
  • There are many Turkish cafes and restaurants near it, as well as an old historical mosque that dates back to the days of the rule of the Ottomans. After completing the tour, the garden can eat or have a cup of tea over coffee overlooking the Bosphorus Strait and is located at the entrance to the garden.

The most important activities in the garden:

  • There are two very amazing ceramic pools in the park beside the presence of many fountains, streams of water and artificial waterfalls. The park also includes extended green areas that can be run or walk through, and this garden is one of the most ideal places that many intend to distance from all the pressures of life.
  • It is possible to have a snack in any of the restaurants in the garden, and you can also sit at any of the cafes there, where there are a number of restaurants in the garden that specialize in providing traditional Turkish meals, especially dishes dating back to the Ottoman era.
  • In the park there is a large spot dedicated to playing chess for free, as well as there are many places for children’s games.

How to go to the park:

You can go to Taksim Square Square, then take bus No. 22 or bus No. 25E or bus No. 22RE, and you can also reach the Yenikapi area and ride the metro that takes the direction of Haji Osman and then get off at the Technical University Station, which is very close to the park, but it is considered The fastest and best way to get to the park is by taking the Bosphorus tour, and then going down to the Amirjan area behind the Sultan Mehmed Fatih Bridge.
Emirgan korusu closes its doors every day at ten in the evening throughout the summer days, however it is advised to visit it throughout the day in order to enjoy seeing the scenic views and watching the suspended bridge, and it is recommended to visit the park in both March and April to see the tulip flowers which are in full elegance and magnificence And enjoy the picturesque nature, so visiting this garden to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and harmony for some time was worth trying.

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