Entertainment guide to Istanbul Butterfly Garden

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Istanbul Butterfly Garden is one of the most important tourist attractions in the city, which is the capital of Turkey and one of the most important tourist cities there that attract a large number of tourists, reaching more than 13 million tourists annually.
The beauty of charming nature in Istanbul is one of the most important reasons that attract many tourists from different countries of the world, besides it includes many ancient historical places that narrate to you the most important periods in the Ottoman era.
When talking about natural places, we should get to know more about the wonderful butterfly garden that is there along with other beautiful gardens through Arab travelers.

Butterfly park Istanbul, the most famous garden in Istanbul

  • It is the first garden dedicated to butterflies in the city, as it is inspired by a butterfly farm located in Stratford, England.
  • The establishment of this garden dates back to one of the chemistry teachers in Turkey called “Gigdem Unlu”, which was greatly liked by the butterfly farm in Stratford, which is the birthplace of the famous English poet Shakespeare.
  • That school and her husband created that garden to also keep the butterfly breeds from extinction as they strive to make it one of the most famous parks in the world.
  • The park contains about 450 types of butterflies, as well as it receives about 1500 visitors a week.
  • When you get there, one of the most important activities that you can do there is to watch a short 20-minute movie that talks about the life cycle of butterflies as well as their biological structure.
  • Inside the garden you can go to the green houses there that will enable you to see butterflies in their bright bright colors.
  • From there, you can also know the life cycle of butterflies, from the egg, the caterpillar, and the cocoon until it reaches the butterfly, which takes a period of between two weeks to 3 months.
  • It is a place that explores butterflies and attracts more children.

Other highlights of Istanbul

1. Yildiz Park

  • It is located near Yildiz Palace on the Bosphorus in the Besiktas area, and it is one of the most beautiful parks that you can visit in Istanbul.
  • The garden includes many flowers colored in distinct colors alongside trees and plants, most notably American pine, cedar and lavender.
  • The garden is not limited to plants only, there are also many lakes in addition to fountains and artificial rivers.
  • You can enjoy the beauty of the place by sitting at the palace restaurant on top of the garden, from which you can see the entire place.
  • The Yildiz Park is the perfect choice for those looking to relax in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

2. Floria Park

  • It is located in the municipality of Florya in Istanbul, and it is distinguished for its many picturesque tulips.
  • The park includes many restaurants and cafes at an affordable price, as well as many games for children.

3. Emirgan Park

  • The park is located beside the Bosphorus, and it contains many beautiful green spaces that contain many picturesque flowers.
  • The garden also contains many trees, most notably the oak tree, camphor, pine and rice.
  • As for the water areas, the park includes many artificial waterfalls along with streams and fountains.
  • The garden also contains a number of restaurants and cafes, and you can also go jogging in the green spaces designated for that.
  • What distinguishes the garden also is that it contains a large area for playing chess, which is one of the most important recreational activities there.

4. Ataturk Park

  • Covering an area of ​​about 345 hectares, it is also an excellent choice for those looking for relaxation and tranquility.
  • At the garden yard there is a water fountain, and inside the place there are about 3 lakes.
  • The park contains many rare plants and trees that make many researchers eager to visit this place in order to do studies on them.

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