Stevens Square in Vienna is a piece of magic, beauty and splendor at the same time. Why not, it is located in Vienna, the beauty capital of Austria. Stevens Square includes many places that you can enjoy seeing if you travel to spend A vacation there, as it includes a lot of buildings, restaurants and large shops, and the most wonderful of this is that it contains inside many masquerade figures that fascinate the eye in its magnificence, so it is one of the tourist destinations that many people intend when visiting Austria and here are more details on Arab travelers.

Stevens Square in Vienna:

  • Stevens Square is the most famous tourist attraction in Austria, which is intended for everyone who wanted to visit Austria, and it is located the largest metro station in the world and passes by all roads that connect Vienna to all places of Austria, and the square combines the fragrant past and the originality and splendor of the present at the same time, and this appears It is clearly visible in its buildings, which are decorated in antique urban style.
  • It has many distinctive monuments, such as the Vienna St. Stephen’s Cathedral, which combines Coptic, Baroque art and modern style, which were built in the twelfth century AD amid the dark ages in Europe, and was completed in the current form in the sixteenth century AD This cathedral is the largest and tallest cathedral in the world.
  • Since its length has reached 127 meters, in addition to a large tower with a length of 138 meters, this cathedral is one of the most important tourist attractions in Vienna.
  • But if you wander around the main square in Stevens Square, you will be very happy as you will meet many shows that are held for free on the roads, which includes a large group of playlists and singers, as well as many acrobatic performances and a number of masquerade performances, but if you are a fan Circus, you will find a lot of skillful people playing a lot of charming and deceptive games in front of your eyes, all of which you will get for free by roaming around Stevens Square.

Entertainment at Stevens Square:

  • But does the fun stop there? Of course not, as the place where the square is located has a lot of restaurants, which offer a lot of delicious foods in the original Austrian way, and you can try many distinct foods, and then you can sit at a café that offers all kinds of eastern and western drinks And, you can sit back and have your favorite drink in an old Austrian atmosphere.
  • As for you if you are a fan of shopping, you should go to the western side of the square, which contains a lot of shops, specifically Graben Street and Carter Strasse Street, and there are many stores that offer the latest international brands from all countries of the world, and there are a lot of restaurants also Which is characterized by the fact that there are restaurants that serve breakfasts only in the Austrian way, so do not miss to visit this square from early morning in order to enjoy everything from breakfast to evening evening in the street amid dazzling shows.

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