Entertainment places in Bahrain

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Manama market

Manama Market is located in the center of Manama, Bahrain, which is a lively market, crowded with people, and it also includes a group of old and modern shops, which are famous for selling clothes, nuts, and spices, in addition to dried fruits and handicrafts, and it is intended by visitors for shopping.

The lost paradise of Dilmun

Lost Paradise of Dilmun is considered an entertainment destination for tourists in Bahrain, and this park is characterized by the presence of a group of wonderful water games that evoke the spirit of adventure, and fun for visitors, as there is a pool dedicated to swimming.

gold market

The gold market in the State of Bahrain is the only market in the world in which there are distinct natural Bahraini pearls, and the market is well-known for its presence of gold characterized by the highest degree of purity, within 18 carats and 21 carats.

Block 338

The complex 338 is located in an area called Adliya, and it is distinguished as a suitable place for lovers of hiking, and the region in which this complex is located includes a group of restaurants that offer delicious international cuisine, and many varieties of Bahraini food, in addition to the presence of many art exhibitions, And shops.

Al Areen Reserve

Al Areen Wildlife Park & ​​Reserve is one of the places that visitors love for wild life and nature, knowing that the area of ​​the reserve is about 10 square kilometers, and it is characterized by the wonderful wild life in it, as the visitor can see different types, There are many animals, the most important of which is the Arabian oryx, in addition to being home to a large group of birds of up to 80 species.

Aldar Island

Al Dar Island is considered one of the nearest islands from Bahrain, and it is one of the places that visitors visit, especially those who love marine activities, for recreation and recreation, as the island provides the visitor with the opportunity to experience diving in the depths of water to search for pearls, in addition to a group Different from the coral that the island is famous for, as a visitor can visit the island of Jarada by going by sea from the island of Aldar, in addition to watching fish and dolphins on the island.


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