Ethiopian Airlines: A detailed report on Ethiopian Airlines

المسافرون العرب

Ethiopian Airlines and its two codes IATA ET and ICAO ETH are the national Ethiopian airline that started operation in the year 1945 from its headquarters in Addis Ababa with reliance on Bole International Airport as the center of its operations.
Ethiopian Airlines relies on servicing its customers on a modern varied fleet of aircraft that is subject to continuous periodic maintenance to ensure the safety, safety and comfort of passengers.
The Dreamliner 787, Boeing 200LR-777 and Airbus A350 aircraft are among the latest fleets of aircraft used by Ethiopian airlines to carry passengers and cargo.
The article deals with everything related to Ethiopian Airlines flights to various parts of the world, we may have answered all your questions about it.

Ethiopian Airlines A detailed report on Ethiopian Airlines - Ethiopian Airlines: A detailed report on Ethiopian Airlines

Advantages of Ethiopian aviation

• Ethiopian Airlines seeks to comfort and satisfy its customers during the various stages of the journey by facilitating the procedures of reservation, providing comfortable chairs with space to extend the legs and snooze, dealing seriously with the opinions of customers and solving any problems they may face during the trip.

• Ethiopian Airlines offers online booking, mobile applications and credit card payments, with multiple reward systems and promotions.

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• Ethiopian Airlines is keen to provide quality service to its customers in all circumstances, providing care and attention to sick or disabled travelers or unaccompanied children.

• You can follow all the details of your trip, postpone it, cancel it, and finish the travel procedures through the company’s website, which also provides detailed information about all your travel related questions on Ethiopian Airlines.

• Ethiopian aviation provides during its trips a variety of food and entertainment options to suit all tastes, ages, health and religious considerations, with an integrated program for shopping while you are in your place.

Onboard services

Ethiopian Airlines offers its customers traveling on its flights a range of services to ensure a comfortable, easy and satisfactory flight. Examples of these services are:
the food
Ethiopian lines offer a variety of high-quality food prepared with fresh ingredients by professional chefs including main local dishes, sweets and fruits, with special healthy and popular meals for young children and other dieters and special diets.
Ethiopian Airlines also provides passengers with free drinks, including soft and alcoholic drinks such as beer, and white and red wine.
Ethiopian Aviation provides several forms of entertainment during the trip to feel as though it passed quickly, no matter how long, by providing the latest international films, TV program selections and favorite musical compositions, in addition to audio books and the Ethiopian Silamata magazine that showcases African and world news and explains the destinations of Ethiopian Airlines for the cities of the world Different.
You can enjoy all these contents in great privacy with your different mobile devices.
the shopping
Ethiopian Airlines offers a comprehensive guide to shopping from its free markets on board. The guide gives the traveler an opportunity to shop for clothes, accessories, cosmetics, women’s and men’s perfumes, in addition to alcoholic beverages at reduced prices and without customs fees.

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Travel classes on Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines provides 3 types of airline tickets for travel on its flights, namely Economy Class, Cloud Nine or Businessmen, Silver and Gold permanent traveler, and each degree differs from the other in what it provides to its owner as follows:
Cloud Nine Degree
Meals for special dieters.
Fresh Ethiopian pastries and desserts.
Local main dishes.
Various audio and visual entertainment.
Freshly cut, seasonal fruits, deliciously presented.
Various drinks.
The frequent traveler “Sheba Miles”
A personal electronic account for buying and gifting upcoming trips, accommodations, phone calls, or dinner.
Comprehensive guide “Chiba” to shop through the Ethiopian Airlines affiliate or partner duty free shops.
Guaranteed seat on Ethiopian International Airlines when booking within 24 hours via Ethiopian flight offices.
Priority for boarding and airport check-in.
Inviting a guest to the executive lounge of the airport from the same day travelers via Ethiopia Airlines Star.
Easily upgrade your travel class at any time.
economy class
Healthy and popular meals for children.
Hot meals with fresh ingredients by professional chefs.
Soft and alcoholic drinks such as beer, white and red wine.
Delicious local dishes and snacks.
Personal headphones to enjoy the entertainment content of Ethiopian aviation

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Ethiopian Air and Luggage Policy

The policy used to determine the free baggage weights that a passenger carries during his flight on Ethiopian Airlines varies according to the class of travel and the benefits it provides, and in this case it is divided into two types:
Business class “Nine Cloud”
Passengers of this class are allowed to carry two to three pieces of luggage with a weight ranging from 23 to 32 kg per piece except for passengers coming from Dubai or Cairo, Canada, the United States and Brazil, and the load of passengers’ luggage on this degree during domestic flights is reduced to only 20 kg per piece .
In addition to two pieces of luggage, it is permitted to carry them on the cabin of the aircraft, no more than 7 kilograms in dimensions of 23 * 40 * 55.
economy class
African passengers on board Ethiopian Airlines in economy class are allowed to carry two pieces of luggage with a weight of 23 kg per piece, the load increases for other passengers other than Dubai and Cairo airports, Brazil, Canada and the United States to reach 30 kg, and for domestic passengers to 40 kg.
In addition to one piece of luggage, it is permitted to carry them on the aircraft cabin, weighing no more than 7 kilograms, with dimensions of 23 * 40 * 55.
Traveler grade silver or golden
A perpetual silver or golden passenger gets a maximum load of 32 kg of Nine Cloud and Economy Class with a free overload of up to only one bag and two pieces of baggage with a maximum weight of 7 kg on the cabin cabin.
With the imposition of fees in the event that the load exceeds this allowed limit for an increase of up to $ 160 per piece on Ethiopian flights between the United States and Canada and Addis Ababa or vice versa, the fees increase to reach $ 250 for passengers traveling on Ethiopian Airlines between the countries of the Middle East, Asia and North America, And $ 200 for other destinations.
Please note that the permissible load capacity in all three dimensions does not exceed 158 cm at any degree.

The most important destinations of Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines provides flights to about 100 international destinations and 21 domestic destinations through a fleet of up to 108 passenger and cargo cargo aircraft, in addition to 65 aircraft on demand.
The most important Ethiopian aviation destinations are:
Ethiopian Airlines flights to / from Cairo
Ethiopian Airlines flights to / from Riyadh
Ethiopian Airlines flights to / from Dubai
Ethiopian flights to / from Manama
Ethiopian flights to / from Beirut

Summary of customer reviews

Ethiopian Airlines received a rating of 3.5 / 5 on Tripadvisor to rate and book flights, through some 4211 passengers who had previously traveled on its planes.

Ethiopian airline ticketing policy

You can book travel tickets on Ethiopian Airlines through the company’s offices in your country of residence, or through the company’s website with the benefit of upgrade codes or the Sheba Miles.
Tickets can also be booked via mobile phone or local credit cards to all destinations except Sudan. An Ethiopian paper ticket must be purchased after completing the electronic reservation. The method used to book tickets and pay for it varies depending on the destination of departure.

common questions

And now we answer your remaining questions about traveling with Ethiopian Airlines:

Do Ethiopian Airlines accept unaccompanied minor travel?

Ethiopian Airlines accepts the travel of minor children without a guardian, on condition that a companion companion from the flight crew is appointed for children from 5 years to 11 years old with a payment of $ 100 fee for this service on international flights and 200 Ethiopian birr on local trips, in addition to two adult tickets for the child and the escort on a trip going.
As for children from 12 to 17 years of age, an accompanying appointment is optional and the same fee and travel tickets are applied to them, while Ethiopian airlines refuse to travel for children under 5 years without an accompanying family.

What are the conditions for travel during pregnancy on Ethiopian Airlines?

Ethiopian Airlines accepts pregnant women up to 32 weeks on board their flights provided that the pregnancy certificate is filled out on the company’s website or when booking from its flight offices a week before the departure date accompanied by a certificate stamped by the attending physician.

How does Ethiopian aviation deal with people with special needs and medical conditions on its flights?

The Ethiopian Airlines allows the transportation of sick and disabled passengers after taking some measures to ensure their safety, such as filling in a medical information certificate from the treating physician and obtained from the company’s website, and it is sent completed to the Ethiopian Health Services team in Addis Ababa 48 hours before the flight date to determine the fitness of its owner to travel .
The passenger commitment to carry his medicines and emergency medicines necessary for his condition with a tool to cool them when needed and all the things related to his health from papers in a special handbag, and the Ethiopian aviation provides wheelchairs, carriers, oxygen devices, a lift and a supporter for prosthetic devices when requested 48 hours before the flight date.
In the event that the passenger’s health condition deteriorates before departure or his condition is affected by the safety of passengers and the operation of the plane, the company has the right to refuse its boarding.

Can I cancel my flight booking with Ethiopian Airlines?

Yes, the reservation can be canceled and redeemed through the company’s website, and the reservation and payment can also be saved later on, provided that it is canceled during a specific period according to the time of departure.

If I am prevented from continuing the journey, what is my right to compensation?

The passenger, including children from the age of two to 12 years, is compensated with a 50% discount on the alternative flight organized by Ethiopian Airlines in lieu of his previous flight, while providing some permanent passenger privileges in terms of accommodation, service and communications.

What is the upgrade system when using Ethiopian Airlines?

It is a system in which the customer’s travel class is upgraded from a tourist to Cloud Nine in the event of vacant places based on his request or an invitation from the company.

What happens if my luggage is lost or damaged during the flight?

In the event that the baggage is lost or damaged except for scratches and dents, the Ethiopian representative will be notified at the destination airport upon arrival and before leaving the baggage receiving area or report via the website about the damage or loss with the exact description of the bag and then send the notification to the nearest office of the company in the destination country.
Then the company, through its automated tracking system, tracks the descriptions of the aforementioned bag with its similar unidentified baggage at airports of the world within 25 days from the date of loss.

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