Have you been embarrassed because you were alerted one of the times when you came too close to a painting or a rare work in a world museum? Or did the behavior of anarchist visitors bother you, spoil the joy of contemplating great business there? There is no doubt that when visiting museums around the world there is a set of well-known rules and others that many do not know, so today we will learn the basics of visiting museums or what is known as “etiquette” to avoid mistakes and enjoy the full and beneficial cultural experience to obtain a full pleasure.

Calm is necessary

The buzz spoils the pleasure of visiting museums! This is real. There is nothing worse than hearing the screams of children, for example, in a museum hall that includes artistic masterpieces or high calling among friends, and you contemplate rare work! We should know that galleries and museums are not a place to communicate loudly, run, chaotic fun, etc. .. So calm is necessary. As for telling stories and interlacing, it can be left to the cafe inside the museum or the lobby.

Do not burden the bags

Most museums require that you do not carry large backpacks, so take advantage of that and do not carry a lot of weight to enjoy the convenience of everything in the museum and to wander freely. In addition, not putting too much weight on your back will reduce the chance of accidents from scratching to a sculpture, plate, etc. …

No need to panic

Even if you were a beginner in appreciating the arts, you must have heard of the most important artists and their works as paintings: Van Gogh or Da Vinci, so you will know that the famous paintings of these artists and others witness a great crowd over them in the largest international museums. Our advice is to avoid creating more traffic around these actions, which increases the risk to them and does not rush with those present to reach forward, so everyone who is present will get his turn by watching. Don’t panic!

Etiquette answering the phone

Responding to phone calls will not only interrupt your experience, it will also disturb others around you in museums. Texting is a better way to communicate in these places. Even the Metropolitan Museum in New York, for example, prohibits answering calls in the main places of it, but you must go to the lobby if you want to talk.

Communication sites and museums

Deal with uploading images via communication sites carefully, especially Instagram. Do not spoil your experience by trying to transfer the pictures you take (if this is permitted) immediately, it is better to wait until the end to choose the best, most beautiful, and most unique and beneficial to your followers. Here, you must also make sure that the flash is off because it may destroy the material from which some of the exhibits are made. One more important tip: Never use a selfie stick! But if photography is forbidden inside museums, which is something that exists in many of them, do not try to take pictures, as there are people whose job is to prevent photography, so do not expose yourself to embarrassment.

Not to touch means not to touch!

Perhaps this saying is innate, but we should repeat it, because many people do not abide by it. Do not touch anything behind the dividing lines. There are a lot of interactive museums devoted to sharing all of your senses, but classical museums are dedicated to looking only, so do not breach these laws or get involved in a real problem. It goes without saying that you should not drink or eat food while you are wandering around the museum, as this is forbidden in most museums and you do not try to violate these issues at all.

be free!

Finally, don’t be swayed by a myth that says every piece of art should stir you a certain feeling or capture you with its beauty! Of course not .. you will not be affected by every painting and piece of art and do not force yourself to do so, but enjoy the experience and interact according to what you see spontaneously and unconsciously. The innate admiration does not need any effort.

Don't be swayed by a myth that says every piece of art should make you feel
Don’t be swayed by a myth that says every piece of art should make you feel

Avoid noise, screaming and loud communication

Avoid noise, screaming and loud communication

The basics of visiting museums
The basics of visiting museums

Etiquette visit museums
Etiquette visit museums

Follow these tips for a great visit to museums
Follow these tips for a great visit to museums

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