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Europe is one of the seven continents of the world, and it is a large peninsula, bordered on the west by Eurasia, the Ural Mountains, the Atlantic Ocean, on the east by the Caspian Sea, on the north by the frozen northern ocean, and on the south by the Mediterranean, Black Sea and Caucasus. It is considered one of the smallest continents in the world, and it is considered the third largest continent in terms of population, with a population of approximately (700) million people, and the euro is the main and circulating currency.


It is mentioned in Greek mythology that Europe is the daughter of the Phoenician king of Tire (Agnor), and the continent is said to have been named after him. The concept of Europe as a political, geographic and cultural entity is due to the Romen Empire in general and Christianity in particular, as it was the Christian religion that established the European cultural norms, and on some occasions it is considered the sole basis of European identity.

Historic and tourist attractions in European countries


Paris is the French capital, which is wonderful and elegant in its beauty, as it contains many landmarks such as: Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Elysees Street, and Eiffel Tower, which is considered one of the most important landmarks of France in general and Paris in particular, and when you climb inside you will find stunning views of the city in general. There is also the Baroque Palace, located in the suburb of Versailles. You can also enjoy watching the Fontainebleau Forest.


Close to the city of Basil, you can enjoy the view of the Alps, and you can go to the city of Lucerne, where the heritage of the Middle Ages, and the ornate houses of emperors, also include the Bruno Bridge over the Magia River in the Chino Canton, the waterfall of the Pavona Valley, the Rhine Falls, as well as the Swiss Fountain (Water Spout) in Geneva, and the statue (Helvetia), sculpted by Bettina Ishin.


Where Milan and Rome, and enjoy the view of the famous Pisa Tower, and the city of Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, which enjoys a lot of gold and leather shops, in addition to watching the David painting, and you can go to the Amalfi Coast, which is the bride of Italy located on the island of Sorrento, as well as Venice or Venice, and Florence, which It contains many historical monuments, as well as the Coliseum, which is a giant Romen amphitheater for Romen wrestling.


The Schönbrunn Palace can be visited by the former governor of Austria, which is considered one of the most famous landmarks of Austria, and you can shop on the streets of Vienna, such as: Maria Helfer Street, and the village of Zell am See; it is a small village characterized by its beautiful and attractive lakes and its monuments, and it is possible to go to the picturesque Mirabell Gardens, and you can also visit the five hills Located in Salzburg.


When going to Germany, several historical and tourist attractions can be visited: the Cologne Cathedral, the Church of the Assumption in Dresden, the Brandenburg Gate located in the center of Berlin, which dates back to the eighteenth century AD, in addition to the port of Hamburg, which is the largest port in the state, and many other Regions.

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