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Tourism in Europe

European countries are considered one of the most attractive destinations for tourists in the world, as they are the focus of attention for tourists from inside and outside Europe because of its unique location, picturesque nature, and richness with historical monuments.

Europe’s tourist countries

Europe is distinguished by architecture, the presence of museums, religious monuments, recreational facilities, and coastal cities, as well as the presence of islands, mountain ranges, and waterways, as festivals are held, all of this is a reason to attract tourists, and among the most important tourist countries in it:


France is one of the European countries that tourists go to because of its distinguished location, its religious and cultural heritage, and its picturesque nature. Among the most famous landmarks in it are the Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower, and Disneyland. In addition to its cities that have cultural significance such as: Paris, which is the capital of France, Lyon, and Strasbourg, as well as the Alps, its beaches, ski resorts, and parks, this made it top the European countries.


Spain is one of the important countries in Europe, as it was visited by 65 million tourists in 2014, and it is intended by tourists from different European countries, which is famous for its palaces, castles, cities, beaches and islands, and festivals are held annually, which made it one of the best tourist destinations, and one of its most important features is a palace The Alhambra, the Sagrada Familia, the island of Ibiza, the island of Tenerife, the city of Cordoba, Barcelona and Madrid, in addition to resorts located in the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean and the other cities of Spain that play an important role in attracting tourists.


Italy is the third country in Europe in terms of tourism, as the number of tourists reached 48.6 million tourists, as it is distinguished by its world-famous cuisine, architecture, culture and religious monuments in it, in addition to its cities such as: Rome, Florence, and Venice, which is famous for the water channels that extend around the buildings The old ones, Milan, Naples, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa are an attraction for tourists.


Germany receives large numbers of tourists up to 35.6 million tourists annually, and is one of the most important cities that plays an important role to attract tourists Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, and the castle of Eutels in Rayland, and is also famous for the spread of picturesque parks in it.

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