Coca-Cola Arena Dubai is the largest showroom, not only in Dubai but in the entire Middle East, and the hall is located in the City Walk area in the United Arab Emirates, and is supervised by La Mer in cooperation with Coca-Cola, where the company is working to make it a very important tourist attraction In the emirate, to host and organize the biggest show shows, matches and concerts in the hall, it was designed on a large space for nine 17 thousand spectators, in addition to providing services such as free internet for visitors, and air conditioners to alleviate the hot Dubai weather, and in the following lines of Arab travelers we show you the location of the hall Ba Determine, in addition to the most important presentations will be held in the coming period.

Coca-Cola Arena Dubai

Coca-Cola Arena Dubai

The Coca-Cola Hall is located in City Walk in the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and is located opposite the famous Dubai Mall and Sheikh Rashid Boulevard, in addition to the Burj Khalifa, which is classified as the tallest skyscraper in the whole world, and since the opening of the hall in the month of June 2020, it receives many concerts and shows Like the comedy artist Russell Peters’ show that was held in it, it will also include in the coming period many sports tournaments and the reception of international athletes, in addition to concerts for the largest Arab and foreign artists to sing, and in the following lines we show you the most important shows that the hall will display in the coming period Of.

Ynet Festival

Next November, the famous YNET festival will be organized in the Coca-Cola Arena, Dubai. It is known that this festival is being revived by the most famous Arab stars and loved by many. And the HOH band, as well as the famous guitarist Oso Lutfi will perform at the concert, and the DJ music player Amr Imad will revive the disco party in Egypt at the festival, in addition to the Egyptian artist Hani Adel’s singing with the downtown band, and a concert for the compulsory track band will be held, Band Gee, will participate in the famous Egyptian star festival Mahmoud Osaily, it is worth mentioning that it is not the first time to easilly in Dubai, but revived a lot of concerts, which previously enjoyed in the presence of a large rally.
  • Festival History: The festival takes place on Friday, the 22nd of November 2020.
  • Festival time: It starts from six in the evening until twelve midnight.
  • Ticket prices: Ticket prices range from AED 195 to AED 495, depending on the venue.
  • To book tickets, please visit the Coca-Cola Dubai website here.

Philippine Basketball Association Cup matches

With the start of October 2020, and specifically from the fifth day, the Philippine Basketball Association Cup starts in the Coca-Cola Arena Dubai, and the matches will be attended by San Miguel Permen, NLX, and Parangai Genera.
Ticket prices

  • The price of tickets for seats in premium classes is AED 350.
  • Seat tickets for regular classes are AED 250.
  • The price of seat tickets in the floor area is AED 200.
  • Platinum ticket price is 150 AED.
  • Gold ticket price is AED 100.

For reservations, please visit the official website of Coca-Cola Arena Dubai from here.

A party that opened Fateh Ali Khan

By December, a concert will be organized for the Pakistani artist, Fateh Ali Khan, in the United Arab Emirates at the Coca-Cola Arena, and the concert will take place on Friday, the twenty-seventh of December 2020, and the party will start with a musical show by a group of talented maestro players, After that, the artist (Rahat Fateh Ali Khan) will sing his songs, which have long received great fame in Bollywood, and the party will be concluded with many popular Indian songs. If you are a fan of Bollywood and Indian music, do not miss this show.
Ticket prices

  • The ticket price is 2000 dirhams.
  • Platinum ticket price is 1000 AED.
  • The price of a Diamond ticket is AED 500.
  • Gold ticket price is AED 350.
  • Silver ticket price is 250 AED.
  • The price of a bronze ticket is 125 AED.

party time

  • It starts from half past five in the evening until twelve midnight.
  • For reservations, please visit the official website of Coca-Cola Arena Dubai from here.

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