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In this article, we offer you the most important information about the summit of Everest, the highest mountain peak in the world and one of the most difficult mountains that can be climbed, and it belongs to the Himalayan mountain range that consists of a group of sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, and the number of its mountains reaches more than 50 mountains, and the height of the mountain One of them is more than 7 meters away, and the area of ​​these mountains is inhabited with more than 50 million people.
It is worth noting that one of the main factors affecting the climate of the Indian subcontinent surrounding the mountains is the geographical location of the Himalayas and its height, which play a major role in preventing the passage of air coming from the northern side to India, and the consequent heavy rains fall in this region as a result of the loss of moist seasonal winds When passing through the mountain range, as for the summit of Everest, in Arab travelers you can see the height of this mountain and its geographical location in particular.

Everst top

The most important information about the Everest Summit

  • Mount Everest is about 8,850 meters, and it is located in the Zagmartha region, in an average location between the borders of the Tibet region of China and Nepal, which lies between India and China.
  • Its discovery dates back to 1847 AD by the British Sir George Everest, to whom the mountain was named after it was formerly named Mount Qomolangma.
  • As for the external shape of the summit of Everest, it is characterized by its hierarchical shape, which is covered in ice in its various aspects, in addition to the sharp decrease in temperature, as it has a temperature of 60- ° C in January, and in July one of the summer months, the temperature reaches to 18-.
  • In the year 1802 AD, the British Survey Team came to this area to measure at its height. It was classified as the highest mountain peak in the world, which then became one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world and a landmark that attracts many adventure lovers and mountain climbers.
  • More than 5,000 climbers succeeded in climbing, including more than 200 people who could not withstand the cold climate, which causes lack of oxygen and shortness of breath which led to their death.
  • The summit of Mount Everest is the result of the movement of the tectonic plate of the Eurasia plate as a result of its crash, which led to an increase in the height of the entire mountain chain due to the transmission of this plate and its stay below the Eurasian plate. The height of the Himalayas increases annually as this plate moves.
  • Edmund Hillary was the first person to climb this mountain and reach its summit in the year 1953 AD, but in the Arab world it is better months to climb this Kuwaiti mountain Zaid Al-Rifa’i, the first Arab to reach the summit of Everest in 1966 AD, and the Egyptian Omar Samra in 2007, according to travelers Arabs are Guinness, the youngest climber of this mountain is a 15-year-old Nepalese girl named Ming Kiba.
  • Despite the fame of this mountain and its attraction to many tourists from the countries of the world, it is considered one of the most dirty mountains in the world because it contains huge amounts of waste along with a large number of bodies, as well as a number of fossilized fish.

Animals and plants on top of Everest

Among the characteristics of the summit of Everest is biological diversity through the presence of a few animals that live on it, which have adapted to the cold weather, most notably the red panda, pica, snow leopard, spiders, black Himalayan bear, in addition to the plants that grow on this summit, most notably a plant Arrayaria and algae.

How long does it take to climb Everest

The question that comes to the minds of many mountain climbers and those who are curious about the summit of Everest is how long does it take for a climber to reach the top of this mountain, and the answer is in the following lines:

  • The climbing journey to the top of the mountain takes a long period of time that may reach 12 hours or more, and the time taken to climb these mountains varies from person to person, as it requires adapting to the climate of this mountain, in the beginning must reside in the mountain area for about 5 days on The least for getting used to this extreme climate.
  • The best time to climb this mountain is in May, as meteorologists are able to forecast the weather at this time.
  • Climbing the Everest summit requires not only a high degree of adaptation to the cold weather, but also the mountain climber must be highly professional and not be a beginner, and a permit must be obtained in the beginning to climb it, which is not free and has a value of about 25 thousand dollars.

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