Explaining how to travel to Angeles City

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For all lovers of travel and tourism, our date today with one of the most beautiful cities in the world for tourism, and an important tourist destination for many Arabs or tourists at the world level looking for the beauty of nature and beautiful beaches, and this is to make a tourist trip to the city of Angeles City, which is a Filipino city located on the Pacific Ocean, which is one of the cities Pampanga province, about 72 km away from the Philippine capital, Manila, and a tourist can reach it from Manila Airport by Istiklal Taxi, and the journey from the airport to the city of Angeles City takes about two hours.

Angeles City is the jewel of the Philippines
The city of Angeles City consists of three important areas:
1- Duo Zone: It is an industrial zone in which factories and companies spread on a distinguished level and in an important economic way in the Philippines.

Explaining how to travel to Angeles City - Explaining how to travel to Angeles City
2- The area of ​​(Balaybaku):
It is the most beautiful of the tourist areas of Angeles, with many places that are filled with many tourists from all countries of the world, and the main street in the city of Balibago and its name is Green Avenue Street and it has a large cafeteria called Margarita that provides meals and many different foods and delicious taste as well as seafood.

3- The Old Region:
This region is famous for many cafes and nightclubs, and there are many other restaurants in the city such as Cocomos, but it is less dense and quality than Margarita, as there are more than 100 discos and nightclubs abc in this street, as for hotels, they are very widespread in the city.

There is the Natalia Hotel and following it in terms of the cheapest prices, the Aroushid Hotel, all of which are affordable hotels, close to all markets and restaurants in the city, and at night you can enjoy the city’s breeze, and walk on your feet in the city, but many people who previously visited the place warn all caution against monument operations And fraud, especially in the city, near the places of discos, nightclubs, and the general city is safe as long as there is a distance from bad places.
There is an important point when you arrive at Manila Airport. You get the visa immediately in an easy and accessible way for a full 21 days. As for hotel prices, they vary and vary from hotel to hotel.
1581199419 439 Explaining how to travel to Angeles City - Explaining how to travel to Angeles City

Hotel prices in Angeles City:
Hotel prices range from 100 riyals to 500 riyals per night, and for a trip from the kingdom to Angeles City that costs a maximum of ten thousand riyals, you can get to know all the tourist destinations in the city and visit all the monuments and stay in any beautiful hotel and for the most important foods, of course given Being on the sea, seafood is the bride of tables there, and sees her in all kinds and shapes, and all hotels offer seafood.
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This is in addition to dozens of different restaurants that bustle the city and offer fresh seafood as well as all different types of meat, so the city of Angeles City is not enough for one visit or a few days, you will find yourself wanting to stay long, and if you travel, you wish to repeat your visit to it, this is the case for both Visit the city and see the splendor of its beaches, the beauty of its natural scenery and at the same time the cheapest prices.
Tourism has various hotels, restaurants, and tourist destinations that make it advanced from many regions in Malaysia or even in Indonesia, although the Philippines is considered a relatively poor country by comparing it with other Asian tigers adjacent to it.
1581199419 668 Explaining how to travel to Angeles City - Explaining how to travel to Angeles City
Economy in Angeles City:
Economists in the Philippines confirmed that the city of Angeles City generates a large income from tourism and trade in it and thus competes with many cities, in the Philippines and this is because it has a lot of hotels that achieve special revenues as well as restaurants that are an important and major attraction to provide the best important seafood, and tourist areas With which many tourists come from everywhere in the world.
Explaining how to travel to Angeles City - Explaining how to travel to Angeles City
The tourist areas have a somewhat religious character with some important landmarks, for important periods in the life of that important city, and given all of these factors already become a distinct jewel in the Philippines, and it really needs a lot of visits and once is not enough at all.


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