Explore the wildlife at the Emirates Zoo Abu Dhabi

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In this article, we show you one of the most beautiful parks in the Emirates, which is the Emirates Zoo Abu Dhabi, which is one of the best entertainment destinations for families and children specifically, and for those looking to go to a distinctive destination in the city of Abu Dhabi that enables him to spend a fun time, in that park explores a lot about the world Wildlife by getting to know a lot of animals that you have never seen before, so if you are a fan of going to such destinations then Arab travelers give you the most important information about the Emirates Park to know its most important advantages.

Emirates Zoo Abu Dhabi

The most important information about the Emirates Zoo

  • The history of the opening of this park dates back to the year 2012 AD, at the beginning it was a small garden for children in 2008, but this park has received a large number of visitors during the past years, which led to interest in its expansion and adding more recreational activities to become one of the best parks in the city of Abu Dhabi.
  • The park is located in the Al Bahia area that extends on the main road between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and the time distance to reach it takes about half an hour by car, as it is located 35 km from the city center, and if you are in Dubai, the time distance to reach it is 45 minutes by car .

Emirates Zoo features

  • The park includes more than 100 different species of animals, among them rare species that you will see for the first time, such as the Siberian bear and the white tiger. The park also contains a number of huge elephants that are used in artistic performances.
  • Inside the park there are stalls through which you can buy food for animals and start feeding them, and there are a number of garden supervisors who will guide you on how to feed them.
  • The park expanded to include a number of sections, each of which includes specific species of animals. There is a section for monkeys, another for leopards and tigers, as well as a section for deer, giraffes, and goats.
  • The garden also includes sections for pets, predators, and rare animals, such as hippopotamuses and zebras, and while you wander inside the garden you will find that they also contain sections for amphibians and reptiles.
  • The park includes many fun activities, most notably eating breakfast with a parrot, which costs up to 160 dirhams for adults and children 80 dirhams. You can also eat this meal with the giraffe at 190 dirhams for adults and 130 dirhams for children (the price includes the entry ticket).
  • Among the recreational activities offered by the park for visitors are the park for skiing and climbing, along with an area dedicated to electronic games, as well as other animal shows alongside elephant shows such as sea lion and birds.
  • After completing your tours inside the park, you can rest and eat your meal inside the restaurant in the garden. The park also includes souvenir shops if you want to buy the most beautiful gifts for your friends. You can also stay in a hotel located inside the garden overlooking its yard.

Visit dates and ticket prices

  • The park is open for visitors from Sunday to Wednesday from nine in the morning until eight in the evening, and from Thursday to Saturday from nine in the morning until nine in the evening.
  • The entry ticket for children from three years to 16 years old is about 30 dirhams, for adults over 16 years old, the ticket price is 35 dirhams, and for children under two years, admission is free for them.
  • If you want to do three activities, their prices are 55 dirhams, and the five activities are 80 dirhams.

For inquiries and phone contact: 02 0000 501.
For more information about this park, you can visit its official site by entering the link of this site.


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