Means of travel to Turkey

Families can go to Turkey by using the following transportation:

  • The PlaneFamilies can travel to Turkey through Turkish national airlines, which transport travelers from different regions on the continents of Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America, and the most important airlines that can be dealt with: Aeroflot, Air France, Air Malta, and airlines Austrian, and others, and Ataturk International Airport is the main and international airport in Turkey.
  • the trainIt is possible to travel from Europe to Turkey by train, and this journey takes a lot of time, and it is indicated that food must be brought, as there are no meal delivery services on the train, and the train can be connected to Istanbul, and it is worth saying here that other countries through which it is possible to reach To Turkey via train: Bulgaria, Syria, Tabriz and Iran.
  • The bus: It is possible to travel to Turkey by bus, by transferring from Bucharest in Romenia, and the bus will connect to Istanbul, as buses are available from Sofia in Bulgaria, and from the countries of Greece, Iran, and Syria, and it takes travel by bus to two days until it reaches Turkey .
  • The Car: The traveler can go from central Europe to Turkey by car, and entering the car to Turkey requires an entry permit, and all necessary documents for that.
  • The boat: It is possible to go from the Greek islands to Turkey, by operating boats, and this method helps to enjoy the amazing natural scenery.
  • The CamelsTurkey’s tourists can move around in their tourist places through horse riding, climbing, or skiing, and other types of adventure sports, and the brand can also be used in traditional sports activities such as: swimming, tennis, football, as Turkey is considered a sporting country. .

Travel times to Turkey

Travelers are advised to go to Turkey in April and May, or to go to Turkey in mid-September and October, where the area is less crowded, and temperatures are suitable for travel, while the months of July, August and early September are overcrowded in coastal areas, especially on Beaches, as these are the perfect times for beach walks or sailing, and it is worth noting that coastal cities are closed in the winter; exceptions are made for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Tourist places in Turkey

Families can benefit on their trip to Turkey by visiting the tourist places in the country, including the following:

  • Hippoderm: It is one of the oldest places in Istanbul, where it dates back to the second century AD, and it served as a large square for the establishment of chariot racing and other events, and this square was the center of Istanbul for more than 400 years, but the site is now a park that contains three old columns, an obelisk It was brought to Medina from Egypt in 390 CE.
  • Blue Mosque: This mosque is located above the Bosphorus Strait, and is characterized by its six minarets. The mosque is still present today, and visitors are allowed to go to see the wonderful blue tiles, which is due to the name of the mosque.
  • Hagia Sophia: Hagia Sophia remained the greatest Christian church in the world until the Ottoman conquest, which was in the fifteenth century, and after that the Ottomans converted it to a mosque, but today it is a museum.
  • Topkapi Palace: This palace is considered as the old house inhabited by the Ottoman Sultans, and after Turkey gained its independence in the twenties of the twentieth century the palace became a museum, and it contains structures and artifacts that increase its magnificence and importance.

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